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Everyone wants to look their best and jump start weight loss. There is a product that helps with this process and it does really work.

Are You Kidding Me?

Recently a friend of mine told me about a product she was selling that was called "a wrap" and by using it on any area of the body you could possibly lose inches in as little as 45 minutes. My philosophy has always been if it sounds to good to be true it is. Also, I know the inches I need to lose didn't appear in an hour or a day but over a long period of time. So I did a little research and was at pleasantly suprised that it was a legitimate company and there were testimonials of people who used the product. But to me seeing is believing

My Experience

I went over to my friend house and told her I was still skeptical so she told me as we waited for my wrap to "work" she'd explain the process. I decided to have the wrap done on my neck so she measured it before we began. While I had this on I was instructed to drink plenty of water. According to my friend all the ingredients were natural and what was happening was the product was going into my pores and flushing out toxins and toning my skin at the same time. Ok this made sense but was I guaranteed to lose inches? No not everyone does right away alot depends on your body and how much toxins you have. So I thought ok at least they are being honest that nothing may happen for me. The wrap actually had a nice aroma and a slight tingle to it.

The Results

So after looking at several photos of those that have used the product successfully it was time for my wrap to come off. I was very interested to see what the results were. I waited anxiously while she measured. To my surprise I had lost an inch which for the neck was really good. My skin felt amazing soft and there was the possibility that I could still lose inches in the next two days. My question now was will these inches stay off or reappear in a few days? The answer was that depends on me. This isn't a miracle if I went home and ate poorly and didn't get some type of exercise the chances are that the inches may come back but if I kept up a healthy lifestyle as everyone suggests they would probably stay off.

What Next?

I was very impressed with the wraps so I decided to sell the product myself and I have had great results myself and seen great results in others. Once again it is not a miracle you still need to eat a relatively healthy diet and get some kind of exercise even if it is just walking three times a week. Anyone in the health field will tell you that is the key to keeping healthy so the wraps are just something to help. For me it gave me incentive. Heck I lost inches I wasn't eating something with tons of fat and risk the chance of it coming back!


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author avatar Denise O
14th Dec 2010 (#)

I have some friends that swear by this technique.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar passion4life
15th Dec 2010 (#)

I was given a gift certificate for a body wrap at a spa, a few years back. I tried it out a week before I had to go to a wedding. It worked great, I loved it, the combination of feeling so relaxed, and your body feeling toned up after is a great feeling not too mention the inches lost. It is definitely a great jump start. I too was very skeptical at first. Thanks for sharing:)

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author avatar Retired
17th Jan 2011 (#)

Thanks for sharing

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