Is Your Gum Disease Causing your Erectile Dysfunction?

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In a study involving 120 patients with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction and chronic periodontitis, 60 patients received treatment for their gum disease, while the other half did not. These test subjects filled out questionnaires about their erectile function, and patients who received treatment for their gum disease reported that levels of erectile function improved noticeably after only three months...

Bad Gums=Weak Erections

In response to these findings, Dr. Andrew Kramer, an associate professor of urology at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine stated: “Yes, I feel that an association does exist; however, there is nothing causal between the two.”

Fresher breath may not be the most important reason for treating gum disease. A arguably more important reason may be that it benefits your diminishing or lost sex life, new research indicates, that by improving the condition of your gums, you may also be improving your erectile dysfunction.

Talking Turkey About ED

Earlier studies have linked erectile dysfunction (ED) with periodontitis (inflammation of the gums), and now, in a new study of patients in Turkey, there is greater support for this research as patients with a latent condition of erectile dysfunction, being treated for periodontitis are showing strong signs of diminishing ED symptoms after only three months.

According to sources affiliated with Inonu University in Malatya, Turkey, this is possibly the first study on record to assess the likelihood of a link between the severity of ED and the treatment of periodontal disease.

7 Other Bizare Causes Of ED

The Turkish research group is not the first to link the two conditions. Past studies in India, Israel and Taiwan have linked periodontal disease with erectile dysfunction; some authorities speculate that gum disease and erection problems do share a common cause, while others are suggesting that gum disease may cause erectile problems.

While these new findings give credence to the idea that gum disease may cause erectile problems, the issue is difficult to study, as there has been no conclusive explanation for exactly why gum disease could have such low-reaching effects.
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Great information for many men.

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So everything in our body is connected, linked. Interesting and thought provoking share, thanks TP - siva

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As you say Siva, all is connected warm regards:

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