Is a Generic Drug Effective as a Branded Type?

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These are facts and some revelations about generic medications.

A Dilemma

The Generic Law had been created as an answer to financial crisis. Any registered physician is required to jot the generic name above the brand of their prescription. With this, a patient is free to choose any generic equivalent, suitable for his money. While some follow their doctor's suggested brand, most people buy the cheaper kind- the generic medicine. As explained to them, any drug with the same generic name has the same effect but, how true that a generic drug can measure up to a branded type?

Drug Approval

Medicines are approved by any country's drug authority for their safety and quality. If a drug would not meet a standard, they will simply reject it. On the other hand, if it would pass a thorough analysis, the drug will be released to the general public, guaranteed for its effectiveness and safety.

Generic VS Branded

Generic medicine refers to a drug having no brand. While a branded type is recognized by its proprietary name given by its company, a generic is distinguished by the name of its manufacturer. A generic medicine is cheaper since the primary aim of its company is that it can be affordable for the community. Most branded have higher cost. But, depending with the manufacturer, branded drugs can be also inexpensive. Branded types produced by local manufacturers can have the same price as the generic drugs produced by multinational drug companies.

Generally, the price of medicine is based on its promotion, raw materials and man power.

The Catch

With the global crisis at hand, entrepreneurs find a great opportunity in promoting cheaper medicines. But consider this; some medicines produced locally may have poor qualities. Local generics may pass a step by step analysis of any drug authority. They may have the appropriate active ingredient. But with its cheap raw materials affecting it potency, the probably 99% of its efficacy will gradually decrease before its expiration date.

Choose Wisely

It is very tempting to buy or replace an expensive brand with a generic. But would you really save money in purchasing a medicine that won't work for you?

Choose generic medicine wisely. Always consider the company's name if it can be trusted. Local manufacturers should also be given a chance. But if you are going to try replacing your daily vitamins or maintenance drugs such as the antihypertensive and anti- diabetes with generics, just try to test it for a week or two. Definitely, you will feel any difference if it’s working or not. In cases of serious diseases, let your doctor choose for you. If your body is used to multinational branded medicines, a generic drug may not be effective for you.

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author avatar Buzz
20th Jul 2011 (#)

You've given a very informative guide on the nature of generics which most people are not aware of. Great share!

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author avatar CB
29th Jul 2011 (#)

"If your body is used to multinational branded medicines, a generic drug may not be effective for you." Haha what a ridiculous claim, thanks for making me laugh.

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5th Aug 2011 (#)

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