Is hoarding a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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I have written many articles on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) if you think you are not one of the victims read on....

We are all guilty of some form of hoarding

Hoarding is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder so states a 2008 study by Johns Hopkins Medical School, it concluded that one in 20 people may suffer from some form of hoarding, I don’t know about you but I have shoes and ties I never wear, I keep magazines that I have read. How many of you have old computers and printers stashed up in the loft, it’s human nature to gather and keep belongings that bring back agreeable memories, it’s a fact that children as young as two years of age begin to cling on to their treasures.

Let’s face it there is a difference between hoarding and compulsive hoarding which can be a syndrome or an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so why is it that we do this? Psychologist say man finds it hard to make decisions about what to discard and what to keep, and this in itself is a classic symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
So if all you have is a small collection of old newspapers or two many old shoes in the cupboard you have nothing to worry about, but just remember this could well be the start of something more worrying, some people start collection things after a loved one has died this is quite normal, but again it could lead to more hoarding.

It can be full of danger

Apart from the mental problems this can cause, there are other dangers that are linked with compulsive hoarding, apart from the danger of tripping over your rubbish, it can be a fire hazard or can lead to unclean areas leading to rat or mouse infestations. Sometime hoarders believe that some items could be valuable in later years, full knowing its won’t be.

A typical case of this is book hoarding, it starts out as just a collection of books either for reference or to read and over the years the hoarder collect more and more books and in the end will have so many that he or she will never find the time to read them. OK some books, as can art end up being valuable and maybe we all think we have found that elusive piece of artwork.

Featured on TV

Some people even do it with animals, how many time have you read about the little old lady or man who shares his house with dozens of cats or dogs, these kind of hoarders display symptoms of delusional disorder.

In a TLC programHoarding Buried Alive” the cameras go inside the homes of extreme hoarders to explore the psychology behind their compulsion, in Britain a channel four similar program called “How clean is your house” go into hoarders homes and gives tips from experts on how to clean your whole house and garden from top to toe, they clean up the house for the hoarders but in most cases it’s a futile act as soon after the house is cleaned the whole process starts again

And finally

Some of the things people hoard.....

  • Rubber bands
  • Marbles
  • Tea Towels
  • Newspapers
  • Clothes
  • Magazines
  • Broken pieces of games
  • Boxes
  • Containers of all kinds
  • Tubes from the inside of toilet paper rolls

I hoard to hold on to a part of me that is gone
Faded photographs of people I have forgotten
The ticket to that show I always wanted to see
I hold on to it, and to its memory,
The coloured stones I picked up as a child, from that beach far away,
The newspaper cuttings of me all dressed up, to parade on that hot summer’s day,
I hold on to the cards from cigarette packs and stamps from all over the world,
A tooth from a shark, a dirty old bent deutsche mark, and an old broken hula-hoop I once twirled.
A penknife with a thing for getting stones out of a horses hoof
A bit of the tile that just missed me, when it fell off the roof
Some string and a key in a tin that is bent
A copy of the pass paper from a test I underwent
One glove and half of an old pair of specs
The collar from my now departed dog Rex
A thing that is blue with a twist at the top
And from what I can see, a half sucked small cough drop
A pen with no ink and a memory stick with a password I forgot and a watch with no tic
So you see we are all hoarders of some kind of some sort
We keep all the receipts of things we have bought
Some of them over five years ago it’s all a sort of a quid pro quo

Rhyme by me... a poet and I didn't know it

And finally, finally.

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author avatar angelnjuly
6th Jan 2011 (#)

Really true... Until now I'm keeping all the old receipts I had way back 2 years ago but couldn't throw it away. GUILTY?
Thanks for the share~

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
6th Jan 2011 (#)

It is easy to see how a simple collection can grow out of control.
Very good info JD!

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author avatar Denise O
6th Jan 2011 (#)

Interesting article Johnny. it does really become time consuming and very hard for many to really function when they are so obsessed.
Now, I am a bit guilty on this myself. The difference is, I have plenty of room and it has not taken over my life...
Great read, as always Johnny.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Carol
6th Jan 2011 (#)

you have an interesting point there Johnny. Thanks.

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author avatar Janey1966
6th Jan 2011 (#)

Very good article! It was deeply satisfying having my old computer recycled at the local tip two days ago. No way was that going in the loft! My husband takes after his parents, who are habitual hoarders, both in their garage (car outside, not in because of the rubbish), and their loft. I have an unwanted Xmas present that hubby wants to keep but I want to sell it on Ebay and I SHALL sell it on Ebay! A woman once got lost in a labyrinth of paper tunnels in her own home and died there because she couldn't navigate her way out. It took officials ages to even FIND her. So sad.

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author avatar Retired
7th Jan 2011 (#)

Thanx for this article Johnny, knew of someone who used to do this and it took a lifetime to clean the place....

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author avatar Jerry Walch
7th Jan 2011 (#)

You have made some very good points in this article Johnny. I think that there is a big difference between holding onto things that you may be able to use in the future and keeping something just because you cannot bring yourself to throw it away--the latter, in my way of looking at it, is hoarding.

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author avatar krrymarie
7th Jan 2011 (#)

Good article, hoarders can be a nightmare to live with! but like you said we all hoard something. I don't hoard much really.

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author avatar Retired
8th Jan 2011 (#)

This is excellent.

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author avatar ppruel
9th Jan 2011 (#)

Very good. I love reading it dude. Interesting piece.

The term hoarding - is abusively used mostly by businessmen. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Susan Jane
9th May 2013 (#)

Excellent piece - a great insight into things that can clutter up a life. Well done!

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