Is your seafood safe to eat?

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I am going to tell you how to know if your seafood is safe to eat.

Fish and the FDA

To eat seafood or not eat seafood? With new information almost daily that is the question, the public needs to know?
Sometimes the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tells you to eat fish as it is full of protein and has healthy fats. But then the next day they tell us that us that seafood and fish have mercury in them. Now they are telling us that too much mercury eaten in seafood can cause women autoimmune problems.

How mercury and fish are together

Mercury turns into methylmercury when it gets in oceans, streams, and lakes. Methylmercury is a neurotoxin. Then this gets into fish and seafood.
Mercury gets into seafood when the water is contaminated . It is advised to not eat seafood with high mercury level.

The proper way to eat seafood and be healthy

There are so many types of seafood that the editor of Dr. Gourmet and an internist named Timothy Harlan M.D. who says that you should consume seafood tewo to three times a week. There are so many types of seafoods that Dr. Harlan says to eat seafood two to three times a week, and you don't have to eat the same type of seafood more than once.

More on eating seafood

Dr. Harlan says to eat a different type twice a week. Try not to eat the same piece of seafood in a month. The National Resources Defense Council, NRDC says, for the example halibut is "moderate." Dr. Harlan says you don't have to stop eating it, just make sure your second day you eat fish during a week you should eat a fish like wild salmon that is considered a low mercury fish.

How to tell how much mercury is in your fish with a computer

To know how much mercury a seafood meal has you can print the National Resources Defense Council has a calculator that lets you insert how much you weigh which is important you tell the truth . The reason is as this will decide what you shouldn't eat if ts high in mercury. If you are slimmer than the average person, it tells you what seafood you should eat. Enter what seafood, you should eat. Enter what seafood you had on another day the same week so it can suggest a different level of mercury seafood.

A seafood app for your smartphone

A great app, as it gives the newest news for the amount of mercury you'll find in seafood. . This app comes from a Monterey Bay Aquariums called Seafood Watch The app allows you to to type in a seafood, and it will tell you all about it. The nice thing about this app, it will be on your smartphone that means you can take it to the restaurants and the supermarket and let it help you what to order or purchase in the stores.

Pregnant women and fish

Pregnant women, planning pregnancy and breastfeeding should eat two to three servings of low mercury fish a week. That calculates out to eight to twelve ounces a week. It is even suggested by the FDA that the pregnant woman eat a serving seafood in place of meat.
When a pregnant woman has the right amount of fish in her, her fetus, then infant and child will all develop greatly.
:Low mercury fish are tilapia, shrimp, tuna, cod, and catfish.


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