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Energy and matter are interchangeable, sure. But there is more to energy than electricity as there is more to matter than what we see. In short, vibration is what this series of articles is about, not so much any particular health concern.

We live in a energy world, an energy universe and it is all a unity of working.

In existence, there are lines of transmission that energy takes action in, and it does not matter what level the energy is. It all works in the same way. Anything which exists must first exist at the conceptual or thought levels. That means everything goes from basic form to advanced form, whatever it is.

For example, the production of health and wealth comes through concentration on those conditions and not their opposites. They must be worked up from their most basic form and substance to their most advanced form and substance through the understanding possessed by the mind doing the action. Working, however it may come is the only way to do things. Whether that work comes manually or by easier means, action must be initiated or you get nothing or even the opposite of what is desired. To be a master mind in a genuine sense, you must initiate action and work, without that initiation, nothing gets done and undesirable procrastination happens. Indeed, energy must be shaped, controlled and worked or nothing genuinely happens. This is true from the "easily powerful" manifestation level of God, or the factory worker doing work. It is the real truth and honest reality for everyone. Denial of this reality is the most genuine neurosis and procrastination there is when we really think about it. For existence, exists to be shaped and worked into what we want it to be. Although existence is thought and energy, it manifests through our actions upon that raw thought and energy shaped and in no other way, whether man or God. Existence works like this.

This is what Georg Hegel was alluding to in his philosophy when he wrote about dialectical materialism. The fact that man and God have to follow the same laws, only at different levels. I understand the wrong interpretations and unrealistic "powerful and just man in the sky" interpretations of the levels of reality that could be irrationally defended by people. But if we want to get anywhere, we have to start by being honestly realistic with ourselves whether low-level or high-level. In this sense, we all must work or take rational action to get anywhere.

If you are at the top, there is nowhere to go but forward or down. Usually it is forward preferred, because down usually leads to death. But, by the nature of energy, movement is always necessary. By the nature of reality, it all can work no other way. Energy is the same in all ways, only at different levels. We all have to do the same things, work and actions only at different levels with individual vibrations of energy.

All energy is all one, as in everything is energy and it works when worked.

The Light

When you use any positive energy, spiritual or otherwise lesser than spiritual, it can only be termed "the light" because it is good. Sure, it is that simple, but, it is more complicated than that also. "The light" is in all things, the positive side of all atoms and structures, and in anything that is good. Sure, there is balance, but what gives life is "the light" and nothing else. So I put forth this theory about God:

God is in every positive force and light energy of existence. Without God, everything would be void and nothing. Without Godnothing would genuinely be balanced or ordered. After all, what do you think is meant metaphorically in The Bible by the words pronounced by God "Let there be light"? Exactly. Order and working energies are the sole positive forces that drive existence forward and upward. Order and working energies organize and put together production and creation. Wealth and abundance exist in everything once the symmetries of sleeping, inactive energies and darkness are broken.

So, to go to a more understandable level, electricity is motion and energy at an obvious level. You may not feel the negative charge when shocked, but you sure do feel the positive charge when shocked. That is part of the light. As Walter Russell put it in his essay "The Electric Nature of the Universe" and Napoleon Hill put it in a part of "Outwitting The Devil", nothing can exist without the light once the darkness truly is cancelled out by the activity of the light. Indeed, the ultimate darkness is inactivity and misuse, while the ultimate light is right activity and the fully right use of resources. For example, to paraphrase what Bob Proctor said in Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret": Fire and energy can be used to cook food for man or cook the man himself witht he very same fire and energy. Lightining can be used to light, or light up something. My point is, the light is everything and the darkness is nothing.

The creation and furthering of a winner

Everything is one. What do you think Hegel was really saying with all that unifying dialectical materialism stuff anyway. Everybody goes through everything and nobody skips the good or bad parts. We experience it all, so we may as well experience it all with the best attitude possible. In fact, Abraham Lincoln had one thing right:

We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be.

How do you think Lincoln achieved all his power really, anyway, although Jay Gould on the whole was more optimistic personally, profit oriented and competitive? That one factor, self-determination to be as happy as he made up his mind to be.

So, when I say in this title, the creation and furthering of a winner, I am looking and understanding objectively what creates a winner, and what keeps them that way.

Being in concert and understanding with reality makes you powerful. Avoiding it and loathing it makes you insane genuinely. Solving problems is the best way to live and exist. Avoidance just makes all pain worse when really attempted, it cannot really be done. Getting somewhere is life, getting nowhere is death. This may sound rather harsh, but it is reality


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