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I have some idea about the reality of all situations and happenings, right down to using our own powers of suggestion to effect healing and other happenings of that sort. I would like to go into some of my beliefs on these realities and other "good stuff" of that nature.

Life is not strange when you get used to it:

You only do not know what you have forgotten, is an old Sufi saying that was used when the seemingly unexplained happened. The wisest among us knows that everything has happened already at different levels, and that the "impossible" is simply a different level of the possible, and ultimately a different level of the normal. That is how this article begins, and this is where the greatest of all ideas comes in: We genuinely and reasonably become what we can rationally imagine. What I mean by that is: Like the realities of flight and the internal combustion engine were "impossible", they evolved into reality through rationally used imagination.

Start thinking about our current "high technology" reality for a moment. This is not the end of the road of evolving reality, but the beginning. Who knows where this road ends ultimately? I can only think that the road really ends with Godhood when we get there, but, even then, reality is always evolving into more and more for existence exists whatever happens, and so does life, time and all go on. Who knows, there are gradient levels above the "Godhood end" or whatever advanced realities there are.

Any way it goes, my title is really a law: Life is not strange when you get used to it. That is real for everything with consciousness. After all, the telephone was a novelty before it was normal, it is the same with every "strange" idea that comes from consciousness before it becomes widespread and normal. Think about that.

Although strange things do happen, there is always a normal reason for them at a rational core

Reality works like this: Everything normal and realistic starts out as a new concept somewhere. I mean, everything has a rational cause and effect. If it did not, then everything would not be yes, no and maybe as definitive answers of sorts.

Fantasy works like this: If it is not normal, it is unusual, thus it cannot be real. The genuine fantasy then is the fantasy of the irrational "coming out of nowhere into existence". Even the most irrational reality has a source, really.

To dive off the subject for a moment, I remember the "Scooby-Doo" cartoons with the talking great dane dog named by the same name as the cartoon, and his detective friends with their "Mystery Machine" van. Every week, they would have a mystery involving ghosts and haunted houses only to find that there was a rational cause or person behind the haunting after they solved the mysteries. I use this metaphor to tell you this, there is a rational reality behind even the most seemingly irrational strangeness. Think about it.

The concrete fact is:

Reality is always evolving, and there is nothing alien to it, only things we are not currently aware of. That is all. So, I end by quoting Napoleon Hill, yet again.

"What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

I mean this quote in this context, reality must be perceived before it can be believed and achieved. That is all. I will keep it simple, but I give this as food for your thought.


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