It's Canoe Time!

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It's HOT and everyday stress can wear you down, why not take an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.

Let's go canoeing.

Every opportunity I get, this time of year, I load my Canoe on the car (they can be rented for very reasonable rates near most bodies of water) and head to the river. Just being away from it all, out in nature is so relaxing and just melts the stress away. The sunshine and sound of the flowing water are invigorating for the soul. I usually try to round up a friend or two to go along for the ride. This is not only a good idea for safety reasons but gives you someone to share the experience with.

What to take along with you.

Sometimes, I take along my camera to snap pictures. Nature along the river changes continually, there is always something different to capture in a photo or just keep a photo journal to share with your friends and family. Other times I take my journal or writing project to write or work on while being away from everyday distractions. If I have a friend with me, they usually want to fish (be sure to have a current license) for a while.

Plan ahead.

It’s always a good idea to take along a picnic or some sandwiches, cold drinks and plenty of water for hydration. If not taking something to eat, occasionally when we catch some fish, we cook them out at one of the camping areas along our route.

It's good exercise and fun, too.

After a few hours or miles, whichever comes first, we or I put out down river at the landing, at which point , depending on my energy level, I either walk or snorkel back up stream to retrieve my car for the ride home, after collecting my canoe, friends and any litter we may have generated.

Some safety tips.

ALWAYS let someone know where you are and how long you plan to be gone. It is a good idea to check the weather and prepare for any changes in it. You should also wear a life vest. Thank you for reading my article. Comments are always welcome.

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author avatar Denise O
30th Jul 2011 (#)

Darn good information on going canoeing. Darn it has been a scorcher here in the south lately but, what's new. Going for a ride in a canoe, down a river sounds like the right kind of medicine to me. They were talking about allowing the chattahoochee river to go back to its normal state, so they could get tourism for white water rafting and such but, here it still sits, mucked up by Atlanta's crap they pass down our way. I sure do hope they do it though, it use to be such a great place to go, to fish, boat and swim. Now I wouldn't eat a fish that came out of that river, let alone swim in it, so sad. Very nice journey, thank you for taking us on the ride.:)

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author avatar Robb714
30th Jul 2011 (#)

Thanks, for the comment Denise. I live a mile from the Catawba and fortunately, being it's were we get our dinking water, it is a high crime and misdemeanor to polute it. I am looking forward to catching up on Bugg's world.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Aug 2011 (#)

I have only been Canoeing one time, on Emerald Lake in BC, it was a bit scary for me as I cannot even swim.

In response to your question on my article - first EDIT this page - to add a picture (see the button on upper right?) Or when you go to the list of your published pages you can EDIT from there too.
as for the spam comments not counting as views. These are copy/paste comments, the person isnt even reading your page, they are not here long enough to count as a view. One second is all it takes and they are gone!

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author avatar Judy Ellen
8th Aug 2012 (#)

Canoeing is something that I have always enjoyed sooo much!! Our canoe has a big hole in it but I will take your advice about renting one. Needless to say I enjoyed your article!!

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