It's not the flu, it's bronchitis

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If the flu doesn't clear up within a week or two, it's something much more serious that could lead to death!

Lovely Cape Town

Recently Mother and I decided to fly to Cape Town for a four or five day vacation.

It was heavenly! The first day we went to the museum with Petros and his new girlfriend Crassy. Then we went to the Planetarium.

It was all so good; we've been coming here so many times but never did we enjoy touristy things like this. We really should do that more and again.

A whole wing of the museum, dealing with the "indegenous people's", the bushmen etc., was being shut down. They just kept it up to "commemmorate" the "Native Land's Act of 1913", but will shut it down soon. Hell knows how they bring the two together, but I smell political opportunism hard at work again most likely.

Part of the reasons they are shutting it down is because they say they don't know how the life sized plaster or whatever material models they have there, that have been made of bushmen for example, was made, in terms of whether it was comfortable for the people who posed for them.

Anyway, the museum is still nice. Lots of fossils of animals, dinosaur types and wales and human skulls and whatnot.

The Planetarium is just next to it, kind of connected to the building.

Something is attacking my body

The second morning I wake up and don't feel good. I think I have sinus, because of sleeping with the window open. Can't really sleep any other way or the room will be too stuffy.

But I'm not sick yet.

Mother also gets Father to come on Saturday, for a day or two.

Anyway, after a nice vacation, we fly home.

Never stop reading the Bible

We have to hurry home because Father and Mother have a visit from their preacher at around early evening.

Mother asks me if I'd like to sit with them too, and I do.

I didn't think I'd have anything to do with the religious part of the visit, but Ds. Lionjack made me part of it, of course peppering me with Christian dogma and stuff, like "Never stop reading your Bible; it's God talking to you!" and all such things.

For most of it, I just stayed quiet and let him babble his babblings. Except when he started singing praises for the Bible, saying it has never changed, I had to argue with him there about how the Bible first didn't exist and has been changing for a long time until finally we have the Bible of today, and not even the exact same one between protestants and Catholics.

When it comes time for him to leave, he tells me that I should talk to him anytime; he will not be shocked by anything I say.

Soon however it seems that wasn't true, and he gets argumentative and defensive and patronizing when we get to the part about me telling him the part where the Israelites invaded countries and killed everybody right and left as they were taking posession of "the promised land", being purely about politics.

"No my mate, now I differ from you", he tells me in a serious tone.

I tell him if he believes in the Bible.

He says he does.

I then tell him that the Bible tells us those horrid truths. It's not what I make up.

Father then also asks him how can a God of "love" tell them to kill every man, child, woman and animal.

Anyway, I didn't get much more into it. I know all about their Christian ways of thinking which are all warped, and I don't really care. I'm free to let anyone believe whatever they want.

When the preacher has driven away, Mother thanks me for being part of their house visit from the preacher. I'm like what? You LIKED that? I don't think HE liked that.

But whatever.

I'm getting all fluey

From earlier this afternoon already, I had felt that my throat might be fluey.

Now it's clearer.

Next day, I try to do my schedule as usual, but I can feel I'm falling ill now and it's not long before I'm in bed.

That evening my nose is running for hours. I must have used up about one and a half toilet rolls blowing my nose, and throwing it on the floor. Mother asks me the next morning if it has been snowing, because the entire floor is under toilet paper tissues.

I have the flu for some days to come.

Or at least I thought it's just the flu.

Still coughing a week and a half later

A week and a half later, I'm still coughing. Mother had fallen ill and on Saturday we had gone to town to get ourselves some medicine.

Now Mother is better but not me.

Mother then gets up and calls the doctor's office. She makes an appointment.

I tell the doctor about the first day's blowing up of one and a half rolls of toilet paper, and how it became flu-like. He seems impressed with that.

He tells me to lay down. When he tells me to inhale and exhale hard, that's when you hear the rumble coming from deep down in my chest up to my throat.

When he tells me "Again!", that's when I start to cough like crazy. Again he's impressed with how bad it got in my chest.

I tell him that we've bought medicine on Saturday from the pharmacy, and already just about used it up, but I'm still ill so I came to the doctor to get proper medicine.

He grins and says "We are also not miracle workers".

It's Bronchitis!!! Whaaaaa!!! Death shall creep up on ya

Bottom line is it's bronchitis. The doctor prescribes some medicines.

At mother's request I also request him to test my sugar. It comes out, as the doctor says, "100%". That's good news anyway because Mother thought I'm diabetic the way I react so badly to eating sugary foods.

So now hopefully these medicines will cure my bronchitis. Not that I really know the difference between the flu and bronchitis, but my tip to you today would be to go see a doctor if you are still coughing flu-like after a week or a week and a half. It's not flu, it's probably bronchitis.

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