Journey to a vegan lifestyle - July 18, 2015

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The first of several articles on my journey to becoming vegan.

Setting yourself up for success

With any lifestyle change, one rule of thumb to follow is to start small and slow instead of trying to make one large change all at once. When we add one or two things into our lifestyle, it is much easier to be successful in incorporating the changes. Otherwise, we will get frustrated and give up before we've experienced the benefit of why we were making the change in the first place.

Today's topic is juicing each morning after you wake.

Get the right juicer for you.

In order to juice, you will obviously need a juicer. I happen to use the Breville and love it. It is easy to make the juice and easy to clean. Juicers can range from a very low price to thousands of dollars. I did my research by looking on line and then asking friends who juice what they bought and why they like their brand. That is how I came to buying the Breville. It's good to shop around as pricing may very from site to site. I saw my Breville model on eBay for $80 as of today:

Bring efficiency into your juicing routine.

It's important to juice each day and only make enough juice for the current day. Don't make juice and then freeze it. Once you have made your juice, you need to drink it within 1 1/2 hours.

Make sure you space out the glasses of juice and don't drink all 32 ounces at once. If you do, you may feel sluggish as that's a lot of juice to ingest all at once.

Since making juice is a production from washing the vegetables, making the juice and then clean up, you can add an efficiency to the process by washing the vegetables as soon as you get them home, dry them off and then store them in their proper location whether it be the refrigerator or some place on one of your kitchen counters. This eliminates a daily step and can save you time.

It's also important to wash your juicer as soon as you have finished juicing. This prevents any pulp from sticking to parts of the juicer or sticky juice collecting on the equipment. It's easier to take 5 minutes and do clean up right away than have to spend 30 minutes because the equipment has dried and crusted gunk on it. It also ensures that your equipment doesn't need to be cleaned before using the next day. If your equipment isn't clean and ready to use each morning, you are setting yourself up for failure to juice each day. There are too many pressing distractions that will tell you why you don't have time for this. Remember, your goal is to successfully juice every morning, 7 days per week.

What to juice?

Since my battle is to prevent cancer cells from growing in my body, I create an apple/carrot juice mocktail each morning.

Here are the ingredients:

Note: All ingredients must be organic. Never use genetically modified nor conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

- 3 medium apples
- 3 medium to large carrots
- 3 medium to large celery stalks
- 1 small tomato
- 2 or 3 handfuls of cilantro or parsley (my preference is cilantro as I don't like the flavor of parsley)
- 1 thumb size ginger (I peel mine so it's easier on the juicer)

There are plenty of recipes on line for other types of juices. Just do a google search and you can figure out what works best for you.


I've been juicing everyday for 3 weeks. I've received compliments that I'm glowing and I look beautiful. I take vitamin d3 drops everyday so I just add them to one of my glasses of juice. This juice makes me feel awake and alert. The combination of vegetables and apples plus the ginger makes a light, zingy morning mocktail.

It did take a few days for me to get through a detox experience. I did feel sluggish at first. But, it didn't take too many days before I started to feel awake and alert right after drinking the first glass of juice. Just know that it will get better. You just need to stick with it and be consistent.

What's next?

Tomorrow, I'm going to focus on changes to my diet as I move towards the vegan lifestyle.

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