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My experience of purchasing and using a juicer, and the results.

A look at trying out juicing for the first time and the results.

Like many people, after the gluttony of Christmas and New Year I was feeling a tad……overindulged. So, in January, I made the resolution that I was going to get fit and healthier. I decided to embark upon a healthy eating plan and to explore this craze I’d heard about- juicing.

I began with a little research on the net, looking up recipes and information on how to go about juicing. Next step was to purchase a juicing machine. There are heaps on the market, so I opted to read reviews of the main machines available in the high street shops. After much deliberation of the various pros and cons, I opted for one on the slightly more expensive end of the spectrum, willing to pay more for a quality machine that promised ease of cleaning and able to juice whole fruits (as opposed to having to pre-chop fruits/vegetables).

I made my purchase via E-bay as I found a decent rated seller who was auctioning the machine I wanted cheaper than the high street prices. I also purchased a book all about juicing by Juicemaster Jason Vale. When they arrived I was eager to get going!

My first attempt at a juice comprised 2 apples, 2 carrots and half a lemon. Wow! It was scrumdiddlyumptious! I hadn’t really known what to expect, never having drank carrot juice before for a start. The lemon gave it a kind of ‘fizzy‘ flavour, if you ever tasted Creamola Foam that is exactly what it reminded me of! I was really pleased, and there began my love of juicing with the sips of that first juice.

Since then I have experimented with different combinations of fruit, vegetables and herbs, annoying my family by constantly exclaiming ‘Try this one!’ at every new juice. I have toned this down now as I would like them to develop an interest in and appreciation of these juices rather than feel badgered into trying them at my behest. Admittedly, some of them can look like greenish brown sludge, not exactly appetising to the eye, but appearances are often deceptive!

Simply put, juicing fruits and vegetables gives you a tasty glass of vitamins and minerals galore. The spectrum of health benefitting ingredients in assorted juices is amazing, particulary so if you opt for organic produce as I try to do. You can blend them with water and/or ice too, which is good for those of us who are not keen on drinking plain water but strive to keep up our recommended daily intake.

I have lost weight, although I attribute this not solely to juicing, but that combined with a healthy eating plan and moderate exercise. The main thing I have noticed is a postive change in the condition of my skin- softer, smoother and hydrated. My nails have become stronger and are growing at an amazing rate. Similarly , my hair has grown like a weed lately!

My conclusion-I have thoroughly enjoyed my juicing adventure and would recommend everyone to give it a go


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