July 20th's Thought of the Day - Gaining Higher Ground

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The need for any debate should be to persuade by reason and logic, yet some people are so involved in the righteousness of their position that they get personal. This is where a debate on any topic can break down.

The Need for Debate

Once of the things people thrive on in life is debate. Whatever walk of life you are in there will be someone prepared to argue the pros or cons of a particular point and the advantages or disadvantages it brings. This is as true in marketing as it is in politics.

In debating we should always be aware though that it brings out the best and worst in people involved. It is precisely at times like the current era that heightens the need for all ideas to be discussed fully in society. Every subject seems capable of touching a raw nerve, whether it be the best person to be in the White House or the best flavour of ice cream.

Lets be very clear from the outset that debate is good. It can act to sharpen the mind, and if we are going to be involved it ensures we research our argument. If we are not involved at the heart of the debate what is said can help us come to a crucial decision (whatever that may be).

The purpose of debate is both to argue different perspectives and to persuade. Yet some participants always seem to be more interested in the argument than the results that are possible. Do results matter? In some cases they certainly do.

Keeping it Focused

One of the worst aspects of any debate is when those involved step away from the higher ground and venture into the world of personal attacks.

There is NEVER a place for name calling or snide remarks about someone's personality in any debate. Indeed it could be argued that making any such comments demeans the person making the statement and will often rubbish everything they have said in this debate. Remember there are always more than two people involved in any debate and beside that there will be many onlookers.

If the discussion is about whether ice cream is best eaten hot or cold then keep it focused on that topic not about the people involved. It is irrelevant that one participant is wearing shoes that do not match or that another participant is fat.

Statements like "The Witch is sure to have her say" does not invite open debate. It is an attack on a person whether known or unknown. There is no call for such remarks.

Expanding Knowledge

Irrespective of the outcome of the debate much of what is said should be about improving the knowledge of everyone involved. This is so vital, and may actually be more important than the outcome itself.

In and of itself this is a very good reason why people involved must stay away from personal attacks and focus on the ideas involved. People tend to be persuaded by the likeable people in any debate and the ideas they bring with them - get personal and you are no longer likeable. Also when it comes to focusing on ideas they must make sense in more ways than one.

The Result

The result of any debate should be to persuade by reason and logic. A well reasoned counter-argument should have the ability spur others to action. In one debate I witnessed caused one of the participants to change their viewed join the other side of the floor.

Remember though some debates are not destined to end in one meeting they can go on to impact the whole of society for a while.

Part of a Series...

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Jul 2012 (#)

My wife loves to debate! Indeed she says it makes her smarter.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
21st Jul 2012 (#)

It should make people smarter and give them a cutting edge, but that is why making snide remarks is a poor practice.

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author avatar Don Rothra
21st Jul 2012 (#)

Nice work, Peter. I have seen so many debates that have come down to shouting matches simply because a participant wasn't prepared for a certain statement. The shouting matches always detour the main subject and nothing is settled in the debate.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

A shouting match will hurt those that get involved in the shouting.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

Great points, thanks Peter...

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