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What happens when you look a handle on your diary and just go with it. The world won't end you know!

'Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans'

In this day and age, there always seems to be a nagging feeling that you should be doing something. You may not know what it is, but there can be a constant invisible stopwatch urging you towards activity. You may be the kind of person who finds your desk littered with to-do lists of all kinds, and can never quite get a handle on a good organisational system for your comings and goings.

For me personally, despite being an avid list maker I rarely consult my lists no matter how well written they are. I somehow seem to get everything done anyway, whether or not it's in the order I've listed it, and hey, I've come this far!

If you think about it, you are actually the manager of your own life - well the deputy manager if you factor in the Almighty. You have a responsibility to keep your own ship afloat, so there may be a pressure, especially if you're single, to worry about where things are heading.

The way I look at it is, everything important WILL get done. I'll have amazingly exciting days, and just humdrum days. I'll have days when I eat healthy foods, and days where I fall off the wagon. I'll have early nights and late nights. Days when I love the world, and days where everyone and everything seems to annoy me. That's just life, in all it's ups and downs. It's a patchwork quilt of shiny pieces, brightly coloured pieces and somewhat 'derelicte' pieces, but when it's complete it's going to look great. I have decided I am doing okay, and I am doing the best I can.

Yes it's tempting to look at the world as if everyone else has it 'all together'. The thing is though, if you were a fly on the wall in their household you would realise they don't. They may be amazingly organised, yet have no passion. They may be stuck in their routines and roles, but have no dreams.

We need to embrace who we are with all our faults, the way we do our friends and loved ones - 'warts n all'. So what if we don't have a perfect figure, perfectly coiffed hair and a flawless face? There's a saying: 'if you can look good in London, you can look good anywhere' - I think that can be said of all big cities. If you, like me, are giving it a go in the big smoke, don't be disheartened. One day you'll no doubt be relaxing in a big comfortable armchair in the countryside, gazing at your cute children saying 'those were the days'.

'Life is what happens to you when you when you are busy making other plans' as John Lennon famously said. So guess what, THIS is life, right now, in all it's Monday to Sunday often mundane glory. So try to enjoy every day, and as you look in the mirror say: 'I'm perfect just the way I am'.


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