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Kelp is a natural occuring plant found in water. It might seem not important but has huge benefits.

Benefits of kelp.

Seaweed is the other name referring to sea kelp. It is known to act as a natural cure to a number of diseases. Benefits of sea kelp include:
Iodine is one of the minerals found in sea kelp. The thyroid glands are kept healthy due to the availability of iodine. People who do not have enough iodine in their bodies may experience problems in their health that range from aching of muscles, hair and skin dry up, they have a sensitivity to cold, depression, gaining of weight and feeling of tiredness. The thyroid-stimulating hormone rises due to the presence of kelp. The thyroid hormones are found in the thyroid glands and produced by glands in the pituitary. Thyroxin is produced by minerals found in kelp, which in turn helps in formation of a powerful form of thyroxin called triiodothyronine. It is difficult to find the Japanese people suffering from problems of the thyroid as they eat seaweeds and kelp in large amounts. Kelp should be eaten in moderation to avoid interference in normal functioning of the thyroid.
Arthritis pain could be reduced by eating kelp. This is done by getting rid of buildup of hazardous deposits of uric acid in the body. The other benefit of sea kelp is that it assists in getting rid of waste products in the body. It aides in stimulation of kidney functions and toxin counteraction in waste products as it contains a substance known as algin. Detoxification is made possible due to the presence of the algin fiber.
Metabolism is stabilized due to the minerals found in kelp that control glands of the pituitary and thyroid. This will assist in easing symptoms of menstrual flow in women and prevent cancer of the prostate in men. Teeth and bones are kept healthy due to the availability of calcium and magnesium found in sea kelp hence aiding in weight loss programs. Fatty acids in kelp help in making the chlorophyll skin supple, building of cells that are healthy by the amino acids and lessening of damaged caused by radicals that are free. This makes it important to the pores of the skin. Other minerals present in kelp include selenium, protein, bromide, vitamin c and zinc.
Iron is found in large amounts in kelp. It helps in oxygen providence in blood cells. People with a deficiency of iron complain about their skin, have fingernails that are brittle and fatigue that is chronic. Another benefit of sea kelp is that it aides in stopping constipation, radiation protection, flatulence and digestion problems. It can also help in having a brain tissue, sensory nerves, spinal cord and membranes near the brain that are healthy.
It is used in depression elevation and energy boosting as it contains amounts of minerals and vitamins. Known to be tonic for thyroids, it is also used as an inflammatory agent as well as a tonic for metabolism. The rate of metabolism is taken to a higher level due to these functions. People with the problem of Goiter can also benefit from kelp as well as those with obesity in losing of weight.


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