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If you pay close attention to certain factors while using olive oil for daily use, you can find the option with maximum benefits. Extra virgin olive oil has become the first choice of the calorie-conscious people and is outdoing all other alternatives on quality, taste as well as nutritional value.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

‘Extra virgin olive oil’ – the moment somebody utters this word, the concept of healthy eating starts ringing loudly in the mind. Because of its heart-friendly properties, it makes healthy replacement for all other kinds of oils that are normally used for cooking. However, picking the best olive oil available in India can be a bit tricky. There are so many options floating around that sometimes users land up choosing their olive oil bottle solely on the basis of packing style and flashy labels. This is certainly not the wise practice.

So, here is a quick snapshot of the important things which must not miss your radar while purchasing the olive oil truly ‘healthy’ in nature.

Dark color is the best option: If you fall for flashy labels or are of the opinion that light color indicates low calories, then it is time to change your thinking. Color of the oil has nothing to do with the nutritional value. If somebody touts light olive oil as ‘healthier’ cooking oil, then it might indicate that some alteration has been done in the preparation process. These alterations may rob this oil of its nutrition content. If there is no presence of general smell or typical rancidness, then this is certainly not the best extra virgin olive oil in India

Look for ‘cold pressed’ version: Cold pressed olive oil means that the heat is not involved in the preparation method. Actually, heat is considered as one of the negative factors that alter the chemical properties of the oil. So, if the label does not read ‘cold pressed’, then makers have compromised with the chemical architecture of the oil. This kind of oil certainly is not so beneficial for health.

Low price of the oil: No, you have not hit the jackpot if you got your olive oil for some couple of bucks less. The process of making olive oil products in India does involve lot of cost and it takes a big budget to bring the best quality olive oil to the shelf. So, if the label reads a price that is way cheaper than other alternative, it is a red sign you must read wisely.

Packaging that does not provide proper shield from light: Exposure to heat, light or air can make the oil rancid. Thus, if your olive oil is stored in plastic container, or does not provide ample protection from these environmental factors, then this oil is not as nutrition-filled as expected.

Packaging date: If your bottle of olive oil is more than one year old, it is time to dump it off the shelf. Many a times, it is not the harvesting date which is mentioned in the bottle; in fact, it is the bottling date. Thus, oil may have crossed the safe shelf-life limit if it is lying for about a year in your kitchen.

Thus, these are some of the deciding factors that may help you stay aware about the utility of olive oil and its benefits. Follow these tips to make a cognitive purchase and guarantee yourself the best olive oil available in the Indian market.


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