Know why these loaves of bread are known as guns

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When I first arrived in Madrid, I was surprised when people asked for a gun in bakery shops. Then, I found out why they had nicknamed such a name to long loaves of bread.

Know why these loaves of bread are known as guns

Crispy loaves of bread in their longish shape. They are sold in many shops and supermarkets, but the best ones are sold in bakery shops. As one steps in one of these shops, one feels the warmth of the ovens and, perhaps, the smell of freshly made dough, baking in the oven.
In recent years, these bakery shops vanished from urban landscape to make the bread in big, industrial factories, but we're lucky that some entrepeneurs that have started their business as a way to earn a living.
Inside, the bakers work away, kneading it hard enough to make a fine loaf of bread. Their arms and faces may be bit covered with flour. It's hot where they work.
There are different loaves of bread. Some are white with an appetizing golden colour. Others are brown and others have a variety of seeds, but the longish loaves are big sellers not only because they are the cheapest ones, but because they are the best ones to fill with with something.
They can be filled with a piece of freshly made potato omelet or some slices of cured ham, sardines in olive oil or tuna fish. What id we add some piquillo peppers and black, boneless olives? Ah, this will make one for a light lunch!
The bread may be spread with butter, but it's healthier to rub a ripe tomato on it to then add whatever filing of one's fancy.
Its small slices make a tasty breakfast if they are toasted over the fire and then we rub a garlic clove on it with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Just a small pinch!
Filled with battered and fried squid are a must have one when one is in Madrid. They are so popular that they are mentioned on travel guides.
When these longish loaves of bread are hard, we are not to throw them away, because they can be grated to bread meat fillets that are always a favourite in picnics. Or, we can always make another popular one -garlic soup. One will chop some garlic cloves to stir fry them on some olive oil in a stew pot for few minutes. Then, one will take the pot out of the heat to add a spoonful of paprika -hot or sweet as one fancies. It has to be out of the heat, because the paprika burns easily. We'll add some of our hard bread, cover it with water and we'll bring it to boil till the bread is soft and we'll crack an egg on top when it's nearly finished. that will be poached.
These longish loaves of bread are also the ones to make these popular fritters at Easter called “torrijas”.
Nothing can beat to dipping pieces of it in a good gravy, although, it's said that we shouldn't if we are to look after our waist.
Do you know why these longish loaves of bread are called guns in Madrid yet? They are called like this, because they are good to kill hunger, making with them all of these preparations and more.

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4th Dec 2015 (#)

They look like what I know as "French sticks".

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4th Dec 2015 (#)

Try one of these preparations.

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