Knowing diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition that is common to people that affects the way your body uses food for energy.

Knowing Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that is common to people that affects the way your body uses food for energy. A condition that you body does not produce enough insulin, a hormone help moves the glucose into cells. Pancreas adjusts and produces ample amount of insulin for the body to distribute cell functions and activity. If a person has diabetes, it immobilized its function and produces a high sugar level in our body.

Types of diabetes:
Type 1 Diabetes- is considering the unpreventable type. It is diagnosed usually during childhood or at young age. Type 1 class requires insulin for survival and can’t be controlled with any diet or exercise.
Type 2 Diabetes- is the common of all class. Under this class, they can control their sugar level with proper diet, exercise with oral medications. Some requires insulin injections to lower their sugar levels.
Gestational Diabetes-is common with pregnant women. This is fully treated with proper and careful medications throughout pregnancy.

Main causes of diabetes are due to genetics and lifestyle factors. If you have case in your family history of diabetes then there is a great chance that you are also carries of this disorder. Diabetic person is not allowed too many sugary or fatty foods. Diabetic needs to control his sugar level with exercise and strict diet. They are prone heart ailments.

RISK factors for diabetes:

Obesity: This risk is for some Type 2 class, because they can be overweight and reducing insulin production.
Age. It is said that the older we get, the risk we can get diabetes. Pancreas lessens the production of insulin in the body that causes us to have diabetes.
Family history. Person with a family history of having diabetes has a great risk of developing it.
Lifestyle and diet. You can prevent having diabetes by proper exercise and healthy diet. Unhealthy food eating contributes largely to obesity. Avoid too much fat and carbohydrate can increase sugar level. Lifestyle plays an important role in determining who gets diabetes.
Gestational Diabetes. Many women with gestational diabetes can develop Type 2 class years later. Their babies are also at some risk for developing diabetes also.
Complications can lead to:
Heart Disease and Stroke- The development of fatty acids of diabetic person can lead to clogging of arteries.
Kidney Disease – Kidney failure is common to people who suffer with diabetes.
Eye Disease- Worse cases can lead to damage of the eyes causing loss of vision or even blindness.
Diabetic Neuropathy- They are prone to stomach disorder causing vomiting, lack of appetite and spasm.

There is no cure yet to fight diabetes. Science is still searching for the right medications to help this disease. Maintain you glucose level and avoid smoking and excessive drinking. Consult physicians for proper information about diabetes more.


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7th Oct 2010 (#)

It is so sad the growing rate of those that now have diabetes or is it that, we are more educated because of articles like yours.
Thank you for sharing.

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