Learn How to Recognize a Stroke

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About how someone can recognize a stroke occurring and the warning signs about the symptoms that you could be getting.

Learn How to Recognize a Stroke

The list below should warn you the signs of stroke. Remember that you should get yourself checked if you suffer the symptoms below:

1) Parts of the body becoming weak and the numb – one side of the face might become paralysed and to test this, you should smile and if one side of her face moves, a stroke might have occurred

2) Sudden confusion and trouble speaking – if you find that your speech is slurred or if you find that you are finding it very hard to talk, a stroke might have occurred.

3) Understanding very little at one time – when someone suffers a stroke, he can be totally confused or even responsive. It is quite easy to realize if he/she is suffering a stroke when it might be unusual about the way he/she could be acting. Was he like this before? Why can’t he solve the math questions now?

4) Arm drifting – a good way to find out about the stroke is to lift both of your arms for at least 10 seconds. If one of your arms drift back to the site of the body, it’s possible that he might have suffered a stroke.

5) Trouble with walking and loss of balance

6) Feeling dizzy or losing balance

7) Severe headaches which occur for no reason

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, do not waste your time by doing nothing. Make an appointment with your doctor and let him know about the problems. Luckily, it might not be anything serious but in all it is much better to check now than later. You will never know if a stroke might attack you. Strokes can even cause a person’s death. If someone suffering a stroke gets himself checked within two hours, it could save his life because doctors can use a drug which can destroy the effects of the stroke and it could recover you.

What is TIA?

You might be wondering what this is but TIA is a transient ischemic attack which is a mini stroke. The mini stroke is temporary and does not last forever. It gives you stroke-like symptoms. These symptoms are exactly like the symptoms of a major stroke and by treating the mini stroke (TIA), you can prevent yourself from the affects of a major stroke.

My conclusion

I hope this has been helpful. Please do not ignore my article if you think that you are suffering these symptoms. As I said, it can cause death or permanent disability. Act now before it’s too late!

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