Learn Which Food To Avoid if You Want Lose Weight

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with anything else you should start looking out for weight loss enemies and avoid buying them by checking every item label's ingredient that you purchase at the store.

weight loss enemies to avoid

For the first 21 days of any weight loss program you should try to get your metabolism up to speed and start burning fat as fast as possible. Therefore, you should focus only on foods that really accelerate fat burning and avoid those that have the greatest potential of slowing down your weight loss goal. So in order to do that, you are going to become a label detective and learn how to spot those ingredients which are most likely to switch your body into fat storing mode.

Then the next few days you’ll ramp up your metabolism by avoiding the foods and also beverages that contain refined sugar (which is weight loss worst enemy) white enriched and bleach flours are listed among the first four ingredients on the nutrition label. Now you must start looking for products made from 100% whole grains and sweetened with the no-calories or less refined sweeteners listed below.

The truth about fast carbs

Fast carbs can cause your insulin level to rise which will throw your body into *fat storing mode*. The more you learn about fast carbs you will know exactly what type of foods to avoid to reach your weight loss goal. All fast carbs are not created equal; some are more faster than others. And the faster they are the more likely they are to compromise your Glycemic Profile.

Process corn

When you pull an ear of corn off a stalk or a bunch of wheat from the field, it is loaded with fiber and other nutrients which slow the rate that the corn or wheat is converted into sugar in your body. When they process the corn into corn syrup and used it to sweeten your soda or when they grounded wheat and bleached into white flour, all that fiber and the rest of the nutrient get stripped away.

We are left with a fast carb in essentially, its purest form with nothing to slow down its conversion to sugar in your blood stream. As a general rule the more process and refined a carbohydrate is the greater it’s potential for spiking your insulin level and it throws your body into fat storing mode. Unfortunately, refined carbohydrate sugar and white flour are loaded into most of the foods we eat today.

Avoid sugar intake

However, most of the sugar we eat whether it’s in soda, syrup, candy, bakes goods or straight from the bowl of sugar into our coffee or cereal it started out in this world as a whole or unrefined food. Therefore, in most cases, it all began as either a tall fibrous grass called sugar cane or as good ol’ corn. While going through the refined process these plants are being stripped of all the nutrients and what is left is just sugar.

How fast sugar is converted

The worst thing about this is that the biggest key to whether a food will cause your body to go right into fat storing mode is how fast it is converted into sugar in our body. Well, the manufactures have already done all the work that your body would have to do with those sweeteners and sugar. They have already converted these plants into sugar which means they will quickly convert into sugar the minute it enter our body. Now that you have learnt more about fast carbs that simply means that you should be able to avoid foods and beverages that contain refined sugar, enriched and bleached flour.

Since these sugars have such potential to compromise our Glycemic Profile you should minimize them as much as possible I recommend that you start looking out for these weight loss enemies in the ingredients on each item you buy. Below are the list of weight loss enemies to avoid buying on items you buy at the store:

Weight loss enemies list to avoid buying on items ingredients

• Sugar(Sucrose)
• High Fruchase Corn Syrup
• Brown Sugar
• Dextrose
• Maltose
• Corn Syrup
• Malt Syrup
• Maple Syrup
• Maltitol (Syrup Alcohol)
• Maltitol Syrup (Syrup Alcohol)
• Modified Corn Starch
• Corn Starch

All those are the enemies of weight loss which should be avoided at all cost whether you trying to lose weight or not. The best way to really avoid them is to read the nutrition label at the back of all the items you buy at the grocery store. Some label can be very confusing often deceptive even on bread, snacks and cereal products. To be certain that the item you are buying is not deceiving you instead of just looking at the nutrition label check out the ingredients also. Sometimes you will see the item has *100% Whole Wheat* but when you check the ingredients it has the fat loss enemies in it so if you are a bread lover like me just to be certain just check out both the nutrition label as well as the ingredients too.


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