Let´s pamper our skin

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In the world, there´re three thousand million women, but only eight of them are top models as stated by Body Shop in their commercial slogan. What does it mean?

Let´s pamper our skin!

A few weeks ago, a friend came along to call on me. We hadn´t seen each other for a long time and needless to say, I was thrilled with enthusiasm at seeing her. She and I are of the same age. However, she was amazed at seeing that I almost have no wrinkles and my skin is very clean.
"Well, I said to her, it has something to do with my DNA and that I do what I call my night routine -cleansing, toning and I put on a good night cream to clean my face skin of all day pollution."
It´s true. I won´t go to bed without doing this. Besides my mother at the age of 75 didn´t have any wrinkles whatsoever nor she had many gray hairs either.
The thing is that we don´t have to spend a fortune on cream pots, lotions and day spas to show our best and there´re many home made alternative therapies that will work wonders if we give them a thought and some time time.
As I say, we don´t have to spend a fortune on this. For a long time, I´ve been a Body Shop´s regular customer to get my basics, but that was while the owner and creator was still leading these brand name shops. Then, she became ill and died and the new proprietors changed its commercial policy and I stopped going to them, except for my basics such as my cleanser, toner and night and day cream pots.
They have a good E vitamin enriched day care cream and an fabulous night one at affordable prices. The cleanser and toner will always be the cucumber ones. Then, once a month, I´ll make what I call my spa face pampering at home, that is, a face mask, using few drops of olive oil and an egg yolk. It´ll be as though making a mayonnaise and this one is suitable for dry skin. Otherwise, we should use the whites and few drops of lemon juice.
Mix an egg yolk and few spoonfuls of olive oil well to cover your face. Lay in for 15 or 20 minutes with some soothing music. When this mask gets dry and hard, it´s time to rinse your face with abundant lukewarm water to end with cold one to close one´s pores.
After this mask, one´s face skin will be thoroughly clean.
Same procedure, but using the egg whites beaten till stiff and adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
I´ve always liked the Body Shop´s main slogan that says "In the world, there´re three thousand million women, but only eight of them are top models" It means that not all of us will be like those on TV commercials or magazine covers, but with a little care and know-how, we can also look our best. It´s a matter of self-esteem.

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