Let Go All the Tension and Heal Yourself

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Learn to practice meditation on daily basis and you will let go all the tension from your body. It will make you feel relaxed, improve your mental faculties, heal your emotional wounds and healing of the body.

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You can’t be relaxed if your mind is racing around; worrying about work issues at home or spats with your spouse. If you desire to experience a deep sense of relaxation then you need to set aside a few minutes a day to think about absolutely nothing.

Meditation helps you focus on what’s important and lets you explore yourself. This process has strong healing power. Relaxation gently guides you into meditation. It’s a simple process and anyone can do it. You just need a warm and quiet room with no distractions and with time you will learn to be centered or focused when there are distractions.

To meditate, you need a dimly lit room and warm room with no drafts. Place a mat on the floor and lie down on your back. Close your eyes and any thought, which comes in your mind “let it come”. This is the tricky part of going into a meditative state. We are habitual of dwelling on thoughts and mostly on negative thoughts. Here in meditative state, you become an observer of your own thoughts, which means let them come and let them go away instead of being judgmental.

Focus your mind on different body parts one by one while letting go all the tension. Relax your arms at your sides. Straighten and relax your legs. Put your focus on your face and let go al the tension from your facial muscles. Now come down to your neck, shoulders, arms, palms, chest, stomach, legs, back, legs and finally your feet-putting your focus on each part of the body one by one and letting go all the tension. Soon you will observe your breathing to slow down. You will be breathing slowly, deeply and smoothly, which is a sign of deep meditative state. In this state of mind imagine yourself being in a garden or at a beach-walking around, putting your focus on all the details like color of the grass, trees, and sounds of the water or birds singing etc. While imagining, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Spend a few minutes to enjoy the whole experience fully and when you are through open your eyes-feeling fresh, rested, relaxed yet alert.

Very first session of meditation might not make you feel relaxed at all. Daily practice of meditation will definitely make you feel relaxed and focused. It will help you improve your memory and concentration. Moreover, it will strengthen your immune system to fight against illnesses while improving your healing power.


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