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For what it is worth, I will say this: If you messed up recently, or made that "big mistake", there is ultimately another chance for you if you wait a minute past that last failure there. My position is that each failure is a slip, not a fall, and it is a genuine fall if you let it be a genuine fall. In a few sections, you will not be saying "huh?" to that and fully get my point.


Sometimes, we just have to pull back and understand what it is all about before we proceed successfully, do we not? I mean, the genuine import of failure is understanding how to ultimately succeed, not just wallow in that failure that makes us feel like permanent losers. I am not saying that life is an easy "cake walk" for the most genuine of winners, but the most genuine of winners do not succeed at anything, even a good fight until they understand how bad it is to fail, fall, or make a mistake. I mean, perfection that is genuine comes from this process. Without this process, if it was all winning, and not any mistakes or temporary losses without lessons learned, it would be too easy to take things for granted. Indeed, to realize our full potential, we must make some mistakes and understand how not to make them again. But if we avoid the mistakes entirely without understanding them, what is that worth? Nothing. We just know through here say without the why behind why we should avoid certain mistakes. Knowing fully why makes you perfect really, then. Perfection does come from understanding fully what you are doing. Imperfection comes from avoiding the realities that need to be known to achieve full perfection right down to "not making a mistake" and understanding the right way to do things in full context ultimately. For some, protection from mistakes without understanding why seems good, but for others, there will be an arc of understanding that is an "I fully get it" moment.

You know, sometimes, great understanding comes from seeming mistakes: After all, what do you think Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in Star Wars or even Adam and Eve in the Christian Holy BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) showed in their mistakes about what I am saying here. They ultimately became more knowledgeable and greater masters than those who avoided the mistakes. Anakin Skywalker ended up standing by Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi as an equal (or greater) Master, and Adam and Eve, who knows where those consciousnesses are now in the realm beyond this, lessons learned and all. My point is that if you do not know why you are doing what you are doing fully, there is no real reason to do it, and sometimes "perfection" and "greatness" without full context understanding can even be detrimental to those who have it. With experience and understanding of what pitfalls to avoid, perfection can be the greatest thing in existence for continued success if you get where I am coming from. After all, if this was a simple positive thinking article without a cognitive understanding, I would just give a lot of "how" and no "why", would I not?

Deep thought is fine, but deep action and results mean everything

Sure, we can all think, visualize and dream deeply. Indeed, if it is not backed up with action and reality, nothing happens except lethargy. What do you think the original "Star Trek" pilot about "The Cage" and "The Menagerie" were showing, really. The Talosian aliens had all the mental power of illusion and visualization in existence, but if it is not backed up by reality, it is just that, illusion, dreams and visualization. It is fine to have big dreams, but, back them up fully with reality is what I am saying. If you really want them real, you must do whatever it takes, however long it takes, and with realistic action behind the thinking and dreams. Patience is not just a virtue, it is a necessity and a reality of what you want. It is sort of like rewiring a house electrical system to take more current safely if you want more power to safely come through the power transformers.

So, when I say that deep thought is fine, but action or deep action is everything, that is what I mean. You cannot have a better reality without work, consciousness and realistic action anyway in all forms. Perfection did not happen yesterday, it always has to happen today, and with full context understanding of why it must be achieved. If you understand, get started! If you do not understand, I still wish you the best. Make a few mistakes, get understanding and come back to this article after you do.


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