Lighten Up The Heavy Backpack Of Children

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World has just celebrated the Universal Children's Day. We all love children. They are the future. We wish that the children should be groomed and educated properly. But our over anxiety has made children carry the burden of the whole world on their little backs.

Heavy backpack of children

India celebrates The Children's Day on November 14 and the Universal Children's Day is celebrated on November 20, initiated by United Nations. There can be no doubt that every parent is anxious to see their child at top. Parents, especially Indian parents, want their children to go to the best schools which only, as they believe, can assure their bright future. This over-ambition is forcing the children experience a kind of concentration-camp life. The Indian children long to be free and be treated like children. Their backs experience heavier burdens than their counterparts.

Children carrying heavy backpacks

It is very common to see children, especially in the urban areas, carrying heavy loads of books and other things to school. The Times Of India recently reported that most of the school students carried around 30 percent of their body weight in their school bags everyday. Today many children face physical, social and psychological problems because of this heavy weight. Parents, teachers or others do not seem to realize the evil consequences of this carrying heavy burden. The children have to carry the same things everyday as a kind of punishment.

Adverse results of this weight carrying

If a child is forced carry such burden for a long time it will affect the body and mind of the child. This will naturally affect its whole future life, though it may seem to be successful for sometime in the beginning.

Physical problems that follow

1) In the long run, the child will be facing physical problems like backache, headache, ligament tear. The abnormal load of the bag will give pressure on discs between vertebrae which in due course will cause back-pain.

2) It will be impossible for a child to stand in a correct posture when he or she is carrying such a burden every day. That is one of the main reasons why Indians develop back pain in a very early age.

3) While carrying a heavy backpack ,if the children happen to arch their back, bend forward, twist or lean to one side it will have serious consequences on spine and brain.

4) Heavy backpacks also place stress on tender muscles and soft tissues of children. This will cause fatigue and strain. It will also increase the risk of neck, shoulder and back injuries and even damage the nerves.

5) Dr. Raymond Liu, MD, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at University Hospitals says, "If the child is straining or slouching, that is a sign the pack is too heavy". He suggests that the children should lighten the load by not carry any unnecessary items in their packs.

A Children's Day Appeal

It is very necessary to think of the children's health. Education should not be commercialized by making it an investment to gain money afterwards. Education in India has become an investment of creating children as money-yielding trees. Let parents and others lighten up the heavy backpack of the children so that their personality may grow up really healthy.


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author avatar M G Singh
29th Nov 2011 (#)

Good suggestions VP

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author avatar vpaulose
1st Dec 2011 (#)

Thank you dear friend Madan. Please suggest some ideas for better writing.

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author avatar NEERAJ BHATT
29th Nov 2011 (#)

Children carrying heavy backpacks is the consequence of our experiment with educational policy.ignoring basic needs and understanding of India.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
29th Nov 2011 (#)

Here in America children are overburdened with heavy backpacks as well. Nice post dearf brother.

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author avatar vpaulose
1st Dec 2011 (#)

Yes dear brother Steve. I pity my grandchildren carrying heavy loads here in the US.

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author avatar vpaulose
1st Dec 2011 (#)

We pity at them. But parents are more about their job than their health.

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author avatar Anisha Achankunju (Aiyanna)
30th Nov 2011 (#)

I used to carry a bag like that all through school and it toughened me but I hated it too.
None the less, I used to carry a trumpet box and had a bad habit of putting my books with the trumpet and keeping the back kind of free.
Didn't help having home opposite school so used to take some of my books home during my lunch break on a special pass.
Did you know that Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday was what made Children's Day and exactly nine months prior to that is Valentines Day.
Children are our future might as well educate them.
I carried the bag but also went swimming and did weight training that made me strong and today I have the endurance to lift weight and carry two sometime three kids and walk around at the same time.
Not mine alone, but his friends too.

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author avatar vpaulose
1st Dec 2011 (#)

I am very very much elated with your comment dear Anisha. I carry your Triond image in my heart, such a loving and talented poet you are. Thank you sooo much Anisha.

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