List Of 5 Wheelchair Accessories To Increase Your Comfort

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When walking is not an option for you anymore, and you’re bound to a wheelchair, comfort accessories are essential to improve your overall quality of life. Read on to know about some of the must have wheelchair accessories that will make your wheelchair as comfortable as possible.

Slight Adjustments And Accessories Can Make A Huge Difference

The human body isn't built to sit all the time; naturally, it becomes extremely difficult to sit in a wheelchair all day. If you’re using a wheelchair full time, it has to be comfortable– anything less is not acceptable. Wheelchair accessories are a blessing for people who live their life in a wheelchair. They drastically increase the comfort of a standard wheelchair.
Slight adjustments and accessories can make a huge difference. Luckily for you, there are many companies like Troy Technologies in USA that offers easy to install accessories for wheelchairs. These accessories are designed to make the wheelchair-bound feel as comfortable as possible. Check out these five accessories to skyrocket your regular wheelchair to the echelon of comfort.

1. Universal Back Rest Extension

One of the first few critical areas to begin with for making your wheelchair more comfortable is the back rest. If your back doesn't get proper support, you can experience a severe back pain by the end of the day or after extended use of the chair. Back rest extension allows you to sleep or relax in your wheelchair with better comfort.

2. Lap Tray and Storage Bag

You can carry your personal belongings in the storage bag and eat your meals on the tray. It can be easily attached to your wheelchair, stroller or car seat and comes with large, zippered storage. Its high-quality ergonomic design and low friction surface work great as a surface for meals and other personal items.

3. Grocery Basket

It is extremely difficult to maneuver around in a grocery store while holding all your grocery items, more so when you’re a wheel-chair bound individual. Grocery Basket is the ideal solution for you to shop and transport your groceries. They can be easily attached to the wheelchair without any tools.

4. Wheelchair Caddy

Wheelchair Caddy removes the challenge of lifting the wheelchair, making your outings trouble-free again. The main objective of this product is to enhance the quality of life for wheelchair bound people. Additionally, it extends the life of your wheelchair.

5. Wheelchair Travel Bag/Case

Wheelchair Travel Bag/Case protects your wheelchair and makes it easy and comfortable to carry it along with you while traveling. This bag has handles and roller wheels that help you to move around in busy train stations and airports with ease. Better still, it can accommodate most wheelchairs. Most of these come with telescopic handles that make it easy to drag it when you move around busy spaces.

Do whatever it takes to ensure that you’re comfortable in your wheelchair. It may look like a daunting task, but finding right adjustments or accessories can make a drastic difference in your daily life. When you're absolutely relaxed and comfortable in your wheelchair, everything is achievable. Ensure that you buy only from a reliable seller that offers high-quality products.


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