List of Foods Rich in Minerals

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Instead of getting your daily minerals from daily supplements, you should consume fresh daily food to receive all the required minerals in natural way.
You don't have to consume in huge amount. A regular small amount of each mineral is sufficient to keep your body healthy and strong.

Why we need minerals

Besides vitamins, another group of essential nutrients that our body required is the minerals.

Your body needs a large amount of calcium, iron, potassium and other additional minerals such as iodine and selenium in our daily intake but in a small quantity per meal.

Here are the list of minerals information that include their functions, what to eat to absorb them and useful tips on how to have them in our daily meals.

#1- Calcium

What does it do: Builds strong bones and teeth and aids in reducing the chances of contracting osteoporosis.

What to eat: Milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. Dark green vegetables such as kaile, broccoli are good source of calcium. Besides that, sardines and anchovies are good too.


  • Drink 2 glasses of low skimmed fresh milk or calcium fortifies powder milk daily gives you sufficient calcium to help keep your bones healthy and strong.

  • Add in cheese to your toast bread and ham sandwiches.

  • Yummy yogurt with fresh milk is a great way to start the day with high calcium.

#2- Iron

What it does: Helps to form healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen to the body cells and heart.

What to eat: Red meat, poultry, fish, egg yolks, whole grains, beans and dark green vegetables.

Tips: Consume vitamin C food as it helps to absorb iron from vegetables and fruits.

#3- Potassium

What it does: Aids in nerve function and maintains sufficient water in the body.

What to eat: Most common fruits such as bananas, avocado, prunes, dates ( any type ) and raisins or sultanas are high in potassium. Vegetables such as potatoes, celery and spinach are rich in potassium too.

Tips: Included these fruits in your daily salad, cookies and cakes. Stir fry or roast the above-mentioned vegetables daily for sufficient potassium supply.

#4- Zinc

What it does: Helps to heal up wounds, build up strong immune system by protecting your body from infections and inflammation.
Zinc also reduces stress with stronger body resistant to free radicals that are damaging to your body.

What to eat:Tips: Red meats such as pork, beef, lamb, poultry and oysters all can be easily purchase in wet market fresh and cheaper than hypermarket.

Did you know that?

A current survey shows that one of out 12 men contracted osteoporosis because most men avoided cheese since they believed that cheese contains lots of fat deposit that increases their chance of contracting heart diseases.

This myth was proven WRONG because cheese does contain 70% of calcium which is slightly lower than skimmed milk that has the highest 90% of calcium.

In addition to that, men who are located outstation due to work responsibilities or social business activities are prone to smoke and consume high fat and cholesterol food such as processed food and fast food restaurants.

Hence, these bad activities resulted to accumulation of high cholesterol level, heart beat get weaker and so do the bones turn brittle too.

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author avatar WOGIAM
20th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this, i love fruits and vegetables, i reall wish they were not so expensive to buy.

Reply to this comment

author avatar peachpurple
20th Aug 2015 (#)

Are local foods cheaper? Here avocados , foreign fruits are expensive

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author avatar brendamarie
20th Aug 2015 (#)

I agree, with wogiam, it cost a lot to eat right!

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peachpurple
21st Aug 2015 (#)

Try fresh vegetables if fruits are expensive

Reply to this comment

author avatar Helen Thomas
20th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for this great share ~ Peachpurple. It's more expensive in the short run. But in the long run, it helps us to save money by not having to spend ~ spend ~ spend on medication and surgery later in life.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peachpurple
21st Aug 2015 (#)

Right, it may be expensive now but saved a lot later

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
20th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing such a great article. I agree with Helen about saving in the long run.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peachpurple
21st Aug 2015 (#)

Yes, indeed it is true

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author avatar snerfu
21st Aug 2015 (#)

Nice article. Knowing what to eat for healthy existence makes shopping so much more easier.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peachpurple
21st Aug 2015 (#)

True snerfu, shopping for the right food

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author avatar Carol Roach
21st Aug 2015 (#)

because of my bariatric surgery I have to be on vitamins for the rest of my life

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peachpurple
21st Aug 2015 (#)

Oh I am so sorry to hear that. You must be tired of consuming capsules

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Aug 2015 (#)

Good share and much better than taking supplements. Blessings.

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