Living Letters in Your Name Reveal Incalculable Psychological Esoteric Treasure

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What does a person's name have to do with anything? For starters, it's an esoteric occult energetic mindmap of hidden potential, talent, gifts and abilities.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Educational Psychology: What’s In a Name?

Everything that exists (whether visible or not) is energy!

Vibrating oscillating waves, particles of fused gaseous mixtures, moving at different speeds creating what we perceive as mass. (Including people)

Everything means everything!

Nothing is exempt, organic or inorganic all is 'waxing and waning' points of super-sonic celestial light wave forms. Right down to the letters in our names. They, too, are no more than flamed strings of nitrogenic laced mixtures of combustible form, carrying specific inherently coded messages.

In other words, letters are alive!

As with every perpetual motivating force in the universe, that which can’t be seen is larger (more impactful) than what can be observed; as Shakespeare so eloquently declared in Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

The force of power behind the impetus beneath the action is more potent in order for it to be recognized, examined, activated and appreciated. Each specific letter carries with it a specific communicated code, sort of like DNA in our bodies.

By addressing (becoming aware) the various messages contained within each letter, we can better appreciate of certain words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, stories, plays, movies and books. “In the beginning was the word…”

With that admonition in mind, let us begin to dissect the letters which comprise a person’s name. The entire birth name as it appears on the birth certificate. {With any misspellings, should there be any, must be accounted for}

Many sources for the ancient esoteric study of Numerology are available online for research and investigation. The effort, time and interest devoted will prove to be not only rewarding and expediently insightful.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Numerology approaches name study from a cosmic Psycho-analytic foundational position.

Located deep within the subconscious (occult) layers of the mind’s reference, suppression hides unrealized latent various desires, talent, gifts and abilities. The flowering instructional letters in a person’s name offer an incredulous viable way of beginning to understand one’s personality, world, relationships, educational venues, and/or career aspirations.

We will use the name, Brenda, as an example. (The following excerpts are but partial definitions.)


B- Impressionable, possesses a multiplicity foundation of vantage points, ingeniously colorful and artistic. Has the ability to appreciate, define and assign textures, forms and patterns quickly. Impressionable, impetuous, and outrageously supportive possessing the untameable ability to relate to every identity on the level needed at the moment called for. Wise, dependable, though somewhat rebellious. Deepest desire, along with being involuntarily intuitive, is the need to embrace your astonishing nature by loosening up without continual monitored restrictions, recriminations and self-criticism.

R- Too many frying pans in the fire! A fiery uncompromising nature, whose energy is uncongealed, sporadic, uncertain and indomitably restless; an enigmatic work in progress. In the process of becoming at all times {not yet there but not connected to here, either} constantly revisiting the past, spending countless hours planning for the future, your present world is uninhabited by you. You are learning, not without kicking and screaming, to let go of harbored ideas of lack and inattentiveness. The constant feeling of not being plugged in summons you to release the idea of needing to be attached to so called despised familiarity and pre-inspected security.

E- Innocence, wit, charm and a viable thirst for ever increasing knowledge through experience. Love of travel, becoming aware of different realms of people, places and things in varying cultures from other nationalities. Need to expose and expel any remaining aspect which demands regularity and routine. You are a hybrid mix of youth, vitality, sensuality encased in sage like wisdom and humorous perception. A genuine love of life which is unfathomably incapable of being curtailed which demands that your advanced perceptive abilities meet with an actively demonstrated performance in every day existence. Pull from the unexpressed courage and individual strength of will when placed under pressure. Say “yes” more!

N- Intolerable of people who cannot appreciate the rare ecstasy embedded in the sensuous hours of the day. No excuses will you accept for laziness, sloppiness, and ingratitude for simply being alive! You are acutely aware of the sequences of events and how things are inexorably linked together to form relationship patterns in partnerships to make the world spin. You take responsibility seriously, duty personally, and dependability as paramount. You appreciate the value of heritage, legacy, and the proven modes in ancient ways of doing things. “By fulfilling one’s vows {keeping our agreements) other evolving aspects in our lives work”; you understand this motto more than others.

D-The need for proper rest, relaxation and deep sleep is an overriding element for successful overall vital health and creative sexual expression. A perplexing soul, whose need for the intimate expression of relative communication often denied through the sublimation of sexual desires. A workaholic tendency used as a means to bury uncomfortable inexpressible desires; feels inadequate to divulge embarrassing events. Too many secrets, too much gossip, too involved in other people’s affairs without releasing identification. Creative juices dammed up! Sexual activity repressed or stifled.

A-Able to size up situations without a lot of personal attachment; an adept organizer for business affairs. Astute leadership qualities, possessing a unique ability to ‘balance the beam’ in polarity situations of crises’; no need for ‘checking with the boss’ for validation. Totality of self-reference, original ideas, impartial in decision making; quick, incisive and fair. A handicap would be in the times you think too long or doubt your effectual demarcations in projects. Unorthodox unpopular avenues prove to be the best fit. Move through apparent mistakes without regret, remorse or apology.

The ancient occult sacred science of Numerology is a fascinatingly entertaining involved practice whose committed study brings about overwhelmingly satisfying results. Names are innately Esoterically Psycho-Analytic in nature. The benign letters reveal unimaginable truths which help to unlock various barriers and restrictive properties in one’s personality and chosen fate. It just may be worth your time, energy, effort and the usage of some of your imbedded intelligence to investigate. I love it! But, of course I love all the MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Arts and Sciences which foster Psychological Education!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
2nd Nov 2010 (#)

what's funny is the example name you used, is my wifes name!
come to think of it, you should add the tag - Brenda, meaning of the name

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author avatar Paula Andrea Pyle MA
2nd Nov 2010 (#)

That's wonderful! I am so thrilled! I chose the name randomly, of course , as an example; but, I am certainly glad you were able to 'personally' relate and validate it's reflective pertinent message. I love esoteric numerology! I am passionate about being able to connect. It adds such unimaginable joy when it spontaneously finds a home of receptivity. Best to you as always and thanks for the suggestion on additional tags. I had not thought of those OBVIOUS ones. Ha ha...MODE of Cosmic Therapy

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author avatar Brendaa(:
2nd Jul 2011 (#)

Oh my gosh! All the above information is pretty dang accurate! :D I looked up the definition of my name and came across your webpage(: It was quite intriguing, if i say so my self! ;D I'm wanting to study Psycology in college soon and your article really connected to me!:) Very well done! I give it a 11 out of 10! ;D

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