Living with PTSD

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Life can be difficult but suffering from a disorder that makes each day a struggle means coming up with alternate coping methods. Living with a disorder you are unaware you have can create issues.

Shock to the System

Shortly after we moved to the mountain top in September of 2013 the friend helped us used to the term "shell shock" to refer to me. It took time to sink in, she informed me that I could go to mental health on my own or she could drag me kicking and screaming by my hair.

There were things that the impartial observer saw that I had never seen in myself. I had spent years thinking that I was fine, though at times afraid I was going crazy. I was not.


I made an appointment and met Ms. Betty, she was a lovely woman with a sense of humor that made the sessions easier. We talked for several visits.

At the end of the sessions, as in our last visit she told me that she still did not know what was wrong. She would be leaving the diagnosis to the psychiatrist.

Labeling It

I spent ten minutes with the man and he came up with three diagnosis for me. The one I remember most often was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He scribbled on his prescription pad for medications to help with it, and the other disorders he labeled me with.

It was strange to have a reason for the things I felt, stranger still to be medicated for them. You would think the label would make it easier but I'm not sure it did. It meant admitting something was wrong.

Medication Changes

It took several tries with the medication to get it anywhere near right. I started new medications several at a time making it difficult to know which one did what. The panic attacks were under control, mostly because of the mountain isolation.


Post traumatic stress disorder comes from being strong enough to handle everything alone for to long. There is no outlet when you keep everything inside, and the denial can cause drastic situations from minor things.

I live with this misunderstood disorder and often close myself off from people to avoid situations that trigger the symptoms.


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author avatar Sherri Granato
19th Oct 2015 (#)

Good info. It seems like everyone I know, present company included suffers from PTSD.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
19th Oct 2015 (#)

I am an adult PTSD as well booth of my boys, something in jobs not understood by many ignorant bosses, still you have to educate people. As well in schools you have that barrier too. Interesting post and glad you brought it up! Medication is out of context as ritalin doesn't help at all as it has a lot of negative side effects.

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author avatar brendamarie
19th Oct 2015 (#)

Thank-you for sharing this is a most misunderstood disorder.

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