Living with brittle diabetes

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In these articles I hope to give some tips and some insights into brittle diabetes why is it different than what to do to control it

What is brittle diabetes

Brittle diabetes is when your blood sugar sway from high to low very quickly. It's very hard to control it doesn't act the way most diabetics blood sugar's act. For me my blood sugars go low quickly. I could have a normal diabetic number of 140 and one hour later be at 50 and sick. Sometimes I even eat something and hour later I'm low and then other times it stays high longer. This is cause of great anxiety. Which doesn't help with your blood sugars.People with brittle diabetes have to be very careful because low blood sugars kill brain cells. Also when you blood sugars low your peer to be drunk and could be easily mistaken for being intoxicated. You have to carry some kind of glucose tabs with you or some kind of snack at all times. For me is waking up every three hours around the clock and checking my blood sugar.

Some ways and helping to control your blood sugar

These are just from my experiences with brittle diabetes. I keep orange juice in the house and 4 ounce container boxes which is 15 carbs. When your blood sugar is low you don't want to bring it up fast bringing up a low blood sugar to a high blood sugar would be just as disastrous. So you use 15 carbs of something fast acting like juice, soda, honey, or glucose Tabs, also glucose comes in the gel and drink now, five candy mints, or two packages of sugar.

Personally I use glucose tabs and carry them with me at all times or juice. Personally I found that a peanut butter sandwich causes my blood sugars to stay up long because of the protein of peanut butter. It is important always to have some protein along with your carbohydrates the proteins help the carbohydrates burned more slowly. With brittle diabetes you have to always be prepared.

Thus letting your coworkers know that you have diabetes and not hiding it. I wear identification bracelet that lets people know that I have diabetes along with my asthma. You don't want to be mistaken for somebody who's been drinking. If your blood sugar goes to low you will pass out go into a coma and possibly die. It is just as dangerous to have low blood sugars than the have very high blood sugars.

Some ways of controlling with medicines

When you see your doctor there's a wide variety of medicines. It is very important that you take care of yourself and recognize the signs and symptoms that are warning symptoms. Keep careful track of your medications and how much are supposed to take. Make sure there's not an interactions between medicines take them on time every day at the same time every day is important that there in your body 24 hours a day on time so your body can function right. Be educated in what you take understand your medication and how it affects your body. If you're on insulin be very careful on your doses. Make sure your family members know what medicines are on keep an emergency list. I keep an emergency list in the envelope in my end table drawer beside my bed if I'm ever hospitalized all the information is there. I also keep a list on my cell phone. Make a folder put all your medicines how much you take and what time of the day. Let your family members know there's an envelope with your medical information. I also carry medical cards in my wallet and I were wrist id. You do not want to be mistaken for a drunk.

And most of all exercise

It is an very important to get 30 minutes of exercise and a day this will help you control your blood sugars. Your body releases endorphins when you exercise not only does it reduce stress but it makes you feel good but helps you control your weight. Even reducing 3% of your body weight will help you control your blood sugars up to 30%. So get on a healthy diet walk walk and walk walking is the best exercise that you can do is less training on your joints. Some diabetics also take up yoga. Meditation. The idea to keep your stress under control stress causes your blood sugar to go up when you're stressed your body secretes more glucose into your system which raises your blood sugar. Whatever exercise you do clear with your doctor first and get healthy.

Maintaining positive thoughts

Stay focused. Stay healthy.Care about yourself. As long as you keep your blood sugars and a good range you'll live long and healthy. Even though you can't stop all the symptoms of diabetes you can put them off up to 20 years with good health and control. Try to keep your blood sugars between 6.0 and 7.0 on your A-1 C have it checked regularly. See your doctor at least two times a year. Have an annual eye exam. And foot exam. I hope you all stay healthy, smart confident and vibrant.


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10th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks for the information.

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So sorry you have to go through that. It is good that you are well aware of how to take care of yourself.

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10th Aug 2013 (#)

if i do not wake to check it it will go low in my sleep i not scaring anyone i said this is about me

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Sorry to hear Laura that you have to go through all of that

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this is very educative please do keep coming up with such pages

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