Losing Your Baby Weight The Healthy Way

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Losing the “baby weight” is a major goal for most new mums, so ladies if you wish to see yourself in those "skin tight" jeans, please continue to read below….

Weight Loss Tips After Childbirth

It is very important to allow your body to fully recover from labour and childbirth. It is necessary to wait for six weeks or so before thinking about losing weight. It is often difficult for women to return to their exact pre-pregnancy weight. Remember to start with some gentle exercise, for example stretching, walking, pelvic floor exercises, etc. Always allow your body to properly heal itself after childbirth.

The general guidelines below will assist you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight:

~ Always make time for your breakfast in the mornings.
~ Remember to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
~ Remember to include starchy foods, such as rice and pasta, bread(whole grain varieties which contain lots of fibre are best).
~ Its best to avoid a lot of fried foods, cakes and fizzy drinks, which contain a lot of fat and sugar.
~ Remember to add plenty of fibre rich foods to your diet, such as oats, beans, grains, seeds and lentils.
~ Also watch your food portions at mealtimes and the type of snacks you tend to eat between meals.

Breast feeding can also help in losing weight, it is safe to lose weight in this way and it will not affect the supply or quality of your breast milk. If you’re currently breast feeding, you will need more calories than a bottle feed mum, this is due to the amount of energy it takes to produce milk for your baby, you will need around 330 calories a day.

The benefits of exercise after pregnancy are listed below:

~ Energy levels increase.
~ Your confidence increases.
~ Improvement in your posture.
~ Increase in your health and fitness.
~ Experiencing a reduction in depression and anxiety.
~ Increase in your metabolic rate.
~ The toning of your core muscles.
~ Experiencing better moods and feeling a sense of well-being.

If there were complications during the pregnancy or birth, or if you had a cesarean section, then please seek medical advice before commencing any form of exercise program.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th May 2011 (#)

Lose your baby weight, put the baby down!

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author avatar D in The Darling
30th May 2011 (#)

It sounds like a great manual for new mothers. Nice share. Keep it up my friend.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
30th May 2011 (#)

Well done great tips for the new Mum...:0)

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author avatar Sulaiman Basir
13th Mar 2012 (#)

This is a great article and simple for people to follow. I let some of my nurses know about htis article.

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author avatar Songbird B
30th May 2011 (#)

Very witty Mark! Really good article, Gemstar..some wise advice here...

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author avatar AnnH
30th May 2011 (#)

Thanks Guys for your comment.

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author avatar Retired
13th May 2013 (#)

This is great health advice.

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author avatar AnnH
13th May 2013 (#)

Thank you Narcia for your comment.

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