MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Why Things Happen as They do!

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Everything happens for a divine reason. We are all engaged in various activities which generate an investigative approach to our lives. When we are fully involved in the day-to-day situations, 'showing up for the script', we are able to entertain connecting ideas, circumstances and scenerios that bring together a magical mystical puzzle of incalculable bliss.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy’s Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Disclosure in Tragedy or Euphoria

Nothing happens by accident. There are no mistakes. Everything transpires exactly and precisely as it did/does for reasons you are incapable of knowing at the time. Whether we accept this statement as fact or fallacy, the fact remains unchanged. “It’ could not, will not, shall not have happened any other way.

Nothing can ever be any different than it is!!! IF it transpired, “It’ is the way is is/was meant to be.

Just because we are not in a position to comprehend the multidimensional expansive network of tentacles operating behind the scenes in the Cosmos does not negate the “straight and narrow “{few people ever find} line of fused reality we are all engaged in walking.

Regret is indeed the prayer of fools.

No looking back and discussing what might have, could, would have been. Nope! Not in the field of expendable possibilities!

We are only privy to a certain limited amount of information at the time in question. We can only do what we did under the circumstances offered. There’s so much more unseen than seen.

And, the penchant of information we are given will, no doubt, be slanted and colored according our present level of knowledge in regards to the totality of our life’s path. In other words, it all depends upon our grasp of the DEPTH OF DRAMA we need to the responses in various situations.

That’s right. Drama. Good old Human drama. Nothing like emotional drama to magnify and solidify the experience of playing the part of a genuine human being. Otherwise, how could we possibly know what it would be like to experience human ciphering relationships?

No other action can be quite as effective as a real life verbally/physically explosive or tenderly tear jerking moving scenario of dramatic emotion.

We are all governed, motivated, manipulated and controlled by it. We’re supposed to be. That’s the nature of the superfluous game. To be born on Earth for the experience of what it entails revs our self-vested engines. That is how we conquer our inexpressible divine task.

What else would be the point of coming to Earth except to experience fully the ups and downs of human existence?

To experience the Song of Humanity in all its vilest and excitable performances inspires us to breathe.

The plain truth is: We are all doing time here on Earth. There’s nothing we can do about it. In fact, there’s nothing we want to do about it. Our lives are determined by what we need to experience to grow out of the illusion of being mere flesh.

The irony of the situation: We would not alter even one iota of any event or situation that has or ever will take place. That’s the ridiculous rotating red jellybeans at the bottom of the wide mouthed glass gallon jar.

IF it occurred, IT occurred like IT was supposed to, period. No other way or recourse could have taken its place. Our life is perfect. My life is perfect. Your life is perfect. Life is perfect.

Every event is divine. We are all Masters of Divine Essence who have simply forgotten our sacred sensual sexual artistic heritage. And, it is by and through the daily Earth Walk, including every single miserable thing, person, place, event, circumstance and flavor, we will ever go through that causes us to remember {glimpses, anyway} of who and what we really truly are and precisely what we are capable of.

We are creators of unutterable dimension. Capable of extraordinary feats! And though we are innately aware of this astonishing truth, we are still completely powerless of controlling our emotions. We are torn asunder by them. Either elated or depressed; we rarely find the middle ground. We remain divided. One writer expressed it so aptly, “I do what I don’t want to do and don’t do what I want…” {Paraphrased}

That is why we feel compelled to right our ‘supposed wrongs,” even IF we suspect the sacred vow of accepting instinctively that everything is alright. (Literally: ALL RIGHT)
How long must we walk on this road of disheartening despair until we realize the flow is the go!
IF things don’t turn out the way we think they should, accept that they did. IF someone leaves our life before we think we wanted them to, realize we were ready. IF something apparently bad shows up at our door, don’t bar it, (worrying, fretting, condemning, fighting) fling it open and invite the so-called bad in.

“Resist not evil and it shall flee from thee.”

It can do no more than what it is supposed to do and it would be impossible for you to stop whatever is going to happen, anyway. IF you don’t get the job, move on. There’s another place for you. IF someone breaks your heart; say “thank you.”

IF it seems as if an injustice has occurred, realize the scales are not balanced from your bird’s eye view.

If you hurt someone, accept the reality that IT occurred for many more reasons and responses than you could ever comprehend. Can you see a little clearer through the ‘human tears’ of sobbing ego’s presentation of the experience? Do you see the pattern of ‘emotional stagnation’ unfolding?

Are the stage lights bright enough for you to watch your overblown drama? Bottom line: You aint that special to be running the show from what you KNOW. There’s something way bigger than your personal interpretation of the specific events occurring.
It’s glorious to be alive and human.

No greater joy and pleasure to be had. But, none of it comes from the outside. You are carrying a revered destiny of which must unfold exactly and precisely as the distinct human being you are with all the frailties attached.

Every single unpleasant thing that you have ever had the sacred pleasure of being involved in is necessary. What has seemed so wrong is, in fact, correct. That’s the part, you try to gloss over. You cannot skip over that part!!! You are expressing the Divine Intent as only you are destined to do.

No one is keeping a thing from you. No one has done you wrong, ever. You have not been cheated, abandoned, manipulated, abused, forgotten or defeated. Never! You have never been powerless and overlooked.

No matter the traumatic circumstances of your childhood. You are alive today, right? You made it through your own incredibly disastrous scenario. The only harm you suffered is in your mind as you replay exaggerated pitiful victimized emotions.

Get over yourself. Get back to work. Go to the bottom of your mountain, fetch those 10 gallon buckets. Throw them over your shoulder; carry them to the well of your life. Fill them up to the brim with your personal chaotic experiences. Get back up here with some freshly imbued water.

Don’t poison it with unnecessary exaggerated self-importance, gloatings, complaints, moanings and groanings carried over as if you really believe what you’re doing matters. Other people are doing the same thing. People are thirsty. People are hungry. People are tired. People are disillusioned. People are disgusted.

People are eager to know what it’s like. Waiting in line to get a chance to experience what it really means to be a passionately endowed fully convinced grateful ordinary human being. Just do it.

Think you can handle that?

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