Maintaining Health as You Start Growing Old

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No one can stop growing old as it is a continuous process. Maintaining health as we start growing old is a big concern as our daily activities will be reduced as the day's passes on and in the process we get less exercise.

Younger Day's

When we are young, we get to run around a lot playing with our friends around. But as we start growing, our physical activities also start reducing. We do study a lot in college day's and though in between we do get to play, it will be not enough. Finally after finishing studies when we get a job most of our physical activities will come to a halt. Then on, we tend to feel the pressure of life facing too many tensions in our daily life which in turn will also effect our health.

Growing Stress

When our body starts getting less exercise and brain starts getting more active it is time to maintain a balance for good health. Stress factor does play a very important role over here as people tend to struggle hard to cope with pressure and daily tensions in life. At these times, one should learn to relax a lot. As there will be tensions and stress in daily life, we cannot avoid it but we can control it.

Steps to Get Fit

Start getting up early in the morning after sleeping early in the night. Go for morning brisk walk for at least 45 minutes as sweating out early morning does reduce lot of your stress. More over, morning weather is also very good for health as it will be very fresh with zero pollution level. Then do some light exercise after brisk walk as this will help a lot for body flexibility and blood circulation. Try to mingle with friends and laugh a lot. Try to take a break from daily life once in a while and enjoy yourself. Doing all these will make you live happier maintaining your health to perfection


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