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Some people are unaware that they have an unpleasant smell because they have been used to it. Having a bad body odor can make people stay away or instantly end one’s romantic moment. Here’s what you can do to prevent those unwanted body smells and have a very pleasant and enjoyable day.

Unique Body Smell

Each one of us has our own unique body smell. But when our body odor becomes strong or pungent, it also becomes a big humiliating problem. But don’t worry. It is easy to prevent with proper hygiene.

The Cause

All of us perspire. Bacteria acts on perspiration that has been left dry on the skin for a long time. The two kinds of sweat glands that emanates from our body are the exocrine and apocrine glands. The exocrine glands are found all over our body; while the apocrine glands are found in hairy areas like the armpits and pubic region. The apocrine glands secrete proteins and fatty substances which play a major role to cause body odor. The apocrine glands start to appear during puberty. It is also the result of eating spicy foods like garlic, curry and onions.

What we can do

Bathe or shower frequently. After a perspiring activity, take a bath.

Use antibacterial or antiseptic soap. You can also use bathing gel.

On the armpits, use a deodorant or antiperspirant.

To keep your skin dry, use talcum powder especially on body creases.

Consult with your dermatologist.

How to prevent bad odor

Practice good hygiene. Take a bath everyday.

Avoid sweating heavily. Keep yourself cool with a fan or air conditioner.

Avoid your perspiration to dry on your body for long periods. If it is not possible to take a bath, wipe yourself dry.

Wear light clothing during warm or humid weather. Avoid wearing nylon. Nylon traps heat and moisture.

Wear fresh clothes every day especially underwear.


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
7th Mar 2011 (#)

Your article just came in time. I started smelling bad as I have been browsing my followers on Wikinut and forgot to take my bath this evening.
Here in Chennai 'Take a bath twice a day' is good because of heat.

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author avatar Carol
7th Mar 2011 (#)

A very useful article, many thanks

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