Making "Hang Over" More Tolerable

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An article that educates readers about tips on reducing the effects of hang over especially for those who are fond of drinking alcoholic beverages. Hope you get some good ideas!

Make Hang Over as easy as ABC.... No Worries!

And so you were a member of this so-called “party people” whose main goal in a nightly basis is to enjoy life and get out of the boring state of sobriety. You party all night, take too many shots and drop to the floor being drunk. Who wouldn’t want to experience these carefree and youthful activities? Yes it really is going to be a fun night but tomorrow, as expected, will surely be another story. When you wake up, you feel dizzy, your tummy seems to be churned and your head is like cracking. This is what we call hang over, the after math of drinking too much alcoholic beverages. Well, though this consequence of drinking is totally unpleasant, we still want to enjoy liquor and that is why people look for ways to reduce the effects of hang over.

One thing you should remember before drinking alcoholic beverages is to eat a full meal. This slows down the absorption of alcohol and also reduces gastric irritation which in turn reduces the tendency of vomiting. Water is also helpful. Drink a glass of water before those shots of alcohol. This ensures the body is hydrated before the diuretic effect takes hold. And one more thing, take multivitamins. Frequent urination due to alcohol intake depletes our vitamin contents in the body. Vitamin depletion further leads to body weakness.

During the drinking session, make sure to drink in moderation. Take one drink per hour because our body usually takes an hour before one single drink can be totally processed. In between every glass of alcohol, take a glass of water. This keeps you hydrated. Water also dilutes the toxins and reduces stomach irritation. In addition, choosing the types of drinks can also be helpful. For instance, beer has less alcohol content than wine and wine has less alcohol compared to liquors. Knowing what you drink and getting familiar with various types of alcoholic drinks can be greatly beneficial in reducing hang over.

After the night has ended and you are all drunk, be sure to take enough sleep. And in the morning, take multivitamins to replenish those that were depleted. Drink lots of water and be sure to eat breakfast. Contrary to what has been usually practiced, drinking coffee or tea should be avoided because they can further increase dehydration as these drinks are found to be diuretics.

So, “Party People”, get armed and ready for the fun battle of drinking and all-night-long craze so you won’t become one of the casualties of the sinister hang over aftershocks.


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author avatar vpaulose
6th Nov 2012 (#)


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author avatar Mickey Javelona
8th Nov 2012 (#)

Ive tried all those methods and they worked for me...

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author avatar Johnny Knox
2nd Oct 2013 (#)

Nice tips :) although the obvious solution to such a problem is to control your drinking :)

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author avatar Mickey Javelona
3rd Oct 2013 (#)

Yes.. Just some tips for those who cannot control their drinking habits.. :)

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