Making yourself happy is a better plan than a warm gun

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Life gets better if we pull ourselves up instead of let it get us down. I know, we have all heard that before, but I will put a "new color spin" on this reality in this article.

Despite the flight plan, we can achieve our goals even with turbulence and terror

Some of the best people have the worst things stacked against them, that is a fact, but they overcome. While some of the worst people who have the best things get overcome by being too pampered. Suicides and weakness go hand in hand. But staying around and dealing with it is some of the deepest strength and comeback reality there is.

Think, we can do more than be realistic. We can be creative when we solve problems. We do not have to be "cookie cutter" goal setters or achievement junkies where everything has to go perfectly to plan. Plans are just guidelines, but objectives are what we are really after even if the plan does not seem to go through a few times. Life is about problems and solutions, not so much plans going "perfect". Creativity is the power that unites everything. Going with your plans too much is what makes things fail through a certain type of fear of success. What is my point? Realistically, I will say that the point is simple: Even catastrophic failures can lead to our goals by looking at them differently instead of fearfully letting them take us down. But we need to recognize reality for what it is. It is not cut and dried, going to plan perfection. It is living, breathing imperfection with objectives reached when we are flexible. I know, that is too much reality for some of you, but for those that understand, including me, it is real enough to be workable. If we are going to make anything in life good, we must make our happiness work good ourselves. Nobody can do it for us, not even "the perfect plan" coming through and "saving the day" sometimes. My point is, we must start by looking at things differently and forcing ourselves to be creative even when the worst seems to be.

Fear is not a cure, but courage, if not overconfidence, could be a cure

Overconfidence, the wonder drug that makes things worse. As bad as things get sometimes, forcing overconfidence makes things worse. Sure, we can make ourselves happy, but being irrational about it is never the way to go.

We must count our blessings as well as our curses realistically.Then we must proceed to rectify it all to a desirable outcome as needed and wanted in that order. Most things being a choice, we must endeavor to make the right one at the right time. I do not mean procrastination of any sort, but I do mean be flexibly reasonable when making your way to your goal.

From mess to masterpiece

If we stay around long enough to solve our problems, no matter how big they are, they are ultimately solvable. Too many winners in their past have started out as losers, really. Indeed, the biggest loss is an early end or quitting.

For example, the artist Michelangelo's greatest statue started out an oblong piece of marble "nobody could use" for thirty or forty years, or this one more normal and in the now: The completely nerdy kid in school who got rich and successful later in life. Well, anyhow, you get the point. Any mess can become a masterpiece if the proper actions are taken in the right way.

Listen, let me end this section with some practical advice: We are about as happy and genuinely solvent as we make up our minds, hearts, and spirits to be. We have a choice, that is all and we always have a choice.

Persistence is power, anything else will not get it done

Let us have a few words about the nature of persistence for a moment as long as this section lasts: Deeds speak louder than words, and works are always stronger than promises. Superiority comes from doing, not super promises and propositions.

A modern American politician makes super promises and propositions only not to be able to fulfill them all, and prove themselves genuinely inconsistent. I am saying no matter how hard it is, a solvent person strives to keep their word and do the deeds they promise or propose, or better if what is proposed or promised cannot be achieved genuinely.

Indeed, persistence is power, nothing else will get it done. Even a politician like Calvin Coolidge knows what I am talking about when he says his master quote. You can have all the talent in existence, and be the greatest "word dancer" and "slick jerk" in existence and still without the strength of persistence, there is not any real power there. I mean taking the path of least resistance makes some rivers and all men crooked, to paraphrase Napoleon Hill on a recording I am listening to as I write this article. We have to be persistent to get anywhere solvent, great, or full of count and worth. Indeed, I purposely paraphrase and misquote President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in a way with this one, but you will understand why when I write it: We cannot win or succeed because it is easy, but we will win and succeed because it is hard. In that one hacked up, misquoted sentence is the secret of success for the few that really do make it in a genuine and honest way that is real and works. I end this section with another motivating misquote: Ask not, what your country can do for you, ask what you can produce greatly for others and do greatly for yourself, by yourself and with yourself in that order, and you will genuinely get somewhere.

The right action "no matter what"!

Thinking on the fact that persistence wins out over all, still, I type up this section: Flexibility and patience are, I find, the right action whatever the circumstance, good, bad or "otherwise". Sure, the reality of this is inherent in all situations.

Thinking upon my worst situations and my best situations, I know what I am saying here is real, honest and (yes) true. Sure, it is rather simplistic and simple to say, but to do it consistently, that is entirely another thing entirely.

The old saying that "nobody is perfect" applies to total unwavering patience in a sense, but the real point to this article is that we can all evolve into that perfect patience through that work and development that needs to be done, although we do not always want to do it. So, when I type the words "no matter what", I mean we have to consciously and deliberately evolve, no matter how hard it is sometimes to that perfect patience that works in life to make it better ultimately. Fear is the only enemy to this perfect patience, though, and fear can only be beaten by working through it, however undesirable the work that needs and wants (in that order) to be done.

I do admit, sometimes, I am afraid of a bad outcome, but I pull myself into courage like I need to and want to do it. Then I patiently go through the actions I need to go through, whatever they are with a cool head. Although sometimes, I have to force that "cool head" to happen by looking "coldly" and totally realistically at the situation I am in and then taking the proper action, even if I somewhat do not like taking the action. Calm judgement is not always easy to come by, I know. But, calm judgement is better than fear always without exception, although, we may create an exception through subjective feelings. We must strive to be objective when faced with situations that require it, and have courage. To win, all things at the right time. To lose, have no flexibility. I give that simple advice in the last two sentences to pound home: The right action, no matter what. For the right action is patience, understanding and tolerance. The wrong action is inflexibility, depending too much on set plans, and fear.


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18th Oct 2015 (#)

what an amazing article, there is so much strength in your words.

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20th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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