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Very few things that happen during sex are a disaster unless one chooses them as what they are.

Top 5 Sex Myths

Very few things that happen during sex are a disaster unless one chooses them as what they are. When you change your way of looking at things, the things that you will look at will change. One out of four people are unhappy with their sex lives. The problems which arise from sex are as a result of combination of factors some of them being confidence, communication issues, inexperience or lack of skill, unrealistic expectations and refusal to take responsibility of sexual pleasures. What people are unaware of is that there are a vast amount if beliefs and opinions about sex that has to be taken with every sexual encounter. Most people are not aware of their biases and expectations yet they are unexamined and rigid convictions which have the potential of ruining the sexual encounter.

1. Men are Always Ready for Sex.
Men who believe that they are always ready for sex will present erectile issues more often than those who do not share the same belief. The truth of the matter is that a man may not feel like having sex because of various reasons. The man maybe tired from other activities which prove that men are not always ready for sex. Some men believe that the need to first develop intimacy and develop an emotional relationship with a woman making these type of men stand firm with the belief that men are not always ready for sex. Some men may also desire to have a more erotic context making them wait and prepare for the sexual encounter. Some men may not wish to be unfaithful hence may decline any sexual activities that does not involve their spouse or partner in any way. The myth that men are always ready for sex is a lie.

2 .Men Never Fake it.
At least 25% of men fake it. Sadly this is true. While women tend to fake orgasm to protect the feelings of their partner, men do it because they don't want to have sex anymore. The reasons maybe because they are drunk, bored or have come to realize that nothing will happen very soon. The easiest way that men fake it is by the use of condoms because no one wants to inspect whether it has been used.

3. Ejaculation means orgasm.
Ejaculation does not mean orgasm. Ejaculation is the release of semen and sperm from the body whereas an orgasm is the peak of physiological sexual excitement. These two events almost occur always happens at the same time. Orgasm is the physiological sensation of pleasure that a man feels during the course of his ejaculation. The two are totally different. There could also be some physical malady that may prevent a man from having the physical sensation of orgasm. One can ejaculate but not feel the orgasm therefore making him not have an orgasm. It should be noted that ejaculation without orgasm is not impossible and many men have experienced it at least once in their lives.

4 .Men are not Generally Interested in Foreplay
Men are indeed interested in foreplay and suggesting that they are not is purely fictional. Foreplay plays an integral part in communication and does not necessarily mean that it is done in the bedroom alone. The daily routines play a huge role in how the partners affect their foreplay. Men love foreplay. They love chasing the price. It should be noted that men require a different type of foreplay because men tend to respond to immediate tactile advances while women tend to experience the whole relationship as a prelude to intercourse. Physical foreplay is basic in with most men and direct touch of the genitals will do the trick.

5 .Lack of Desire can Result in Sexual Breakdown.
The luck of communication in relationships will definitely breakdown sexual activities. Many people lose interest in sex and do not understand what is going on, or how to explain it to their spouses. One may feel ashamed at lack of interest in sexual activities or the ability to perform which will definitely cut off communication between partners and this has been the case from time in memorial. It's advised that partners should have the conversation to avoid sexual breakdown. This can be done by reflecting on the commitment to marriage as directed by God, listening and respecting the spouse, communicate individual feelings to the spouse, look for ways to build the relationship and finally the need to stay curious and keep learning about new things about your partner.

It is always good to demystify what is true from what is not. Always strive to know the truth and be sure about your needs and what you want. Sex myths are many but most of them can be determined whether they are true or not. There are always people that would want to mislead others and one should be careful.


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