Man beats the odds and improves after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's

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This article reports about a success story of a man with Alzheimer's who had electrical brain stimulation.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease

We are told that Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease, translated into layperson’s terms; it is a disease that gets worse overtime. However, Is Robert Linton an exception to this rule or is he the hope for the future; Montrealers who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s including myself want to know.

He beat the odds

Six years ago Robert Linton was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and today he is happy and feeling much better than he did back them. Why is that? Mr. Linton is one of only six people worldwide who has gone through electrical stimulation of the brain, a new technique to return cerebral functioning to Alzheimer’s patients.

This man is 66-years-old and still drives his car and his memory is great! Linton can even complete crossword puzzles. Most Montrealers of this age who have Alzheimer’s for this long would be in nursing homes by now, but this man beat the odds.

This experimental research is a Canadian breakthrough. The procedure is quite simple; no opening up the skull by major surgery, all the surgeon does is plant electrodes in the brain which turns on by a battery that acts like a pacemaker.

Results of the experimental procedure

Results of the experimental procedure

It is important to note that the Linton was the exception to the rule; three of the six patients had their mental functions decline when tested after two years suggesting this would have been the normal prognosis anyway. The other two remained the same. Linton is the wonder boy. The doctors still maintain that if Linton improved as he did their new procedure was worth the effort. Linton certainly won’t complain, he says it is easier to recall things since the procedure.

It is commonplace for the memory center of the brain to shrink over time in Alzheimer’s patients, but this did not happen in Linton’s case and that of another patient going through this procedure, their memory center actually grew.

This new procedure which was currently conducted in Toronto, Ontario, the neigbouring Province for Montrealers is still in the testing stages. However, Montrealers will have to wait a while before considering this option for treatment; the procedure is just going into the second phase of testing.

The researchers say that the procedure at this point will work with patients in the early stages of the disease before too much damage has been done to the brain.


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25th Oct 2015 (#)

This gives me hope, because it sounds like it did work.

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29th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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