Man flu what a horrible illness

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So many men are suffering with man flu at the moment so thought I would right about it!
It also affects teenage boys too!

Man flu

A lot of men when they get a cold really exaggerate about it, and their life seems to stop, till the symptoms get better. They lay about moaning how ill they are, and they don't go to work, ( well some don't ) while us woman just tell our men "its just a cold get over it" but is it real? Does man flu really exist?

Man flu is serious

Man flu can be quite serious, and can strike the male genda without no warning, it can leave a man feeling week, sick, and hurting everywhere, they then need time of work and to stay in bed or lay in the couch to relax and they also need time to get over it!

Apparently it only attacks the XY chromosome ( male) and not the xx ( females).

Us females just get the common the cold which is not so bad as man flu hence why we can still carry on with our daily duties.

Man flu can be a life threatening illness, it is a distinct disease in it's own right and diffidently should not be treated as a common cold.

It is very much misunderstood by us woman and we should give the men more TLC when they get this to help them get over it a lot quicker.

It can linger on for days

Man flue can linger on for days and days, and if they " just got on with it" and not properly recovered from it then it can come back in a few weeks and can then be critical.

They say the pain from man flu can be worse than child birth as it last longer than child birth does.

Us woman are only in labour for a few hours or so ( me i was in labour 23 hours) but men flu lingers on a lot longer so they suffer the pain more hence why it is worse than child birth.

There is no known cure

There is no known cure for man flu it just has to take its course. No amount of pain killers, Hot toddies, lemsips and all the other drugs on the market can cure this illness.

Not like for us woman where we dose ourselves up and feel better in a few days they just will not work for men!

Even if they go to the doctors antibiotics will not be given because they really do not work either.

The doc might tell the man to self sick for seven days, and then go back after seven days, to get a doctors sick note if needed!

What should us woman do?

So when the man gets man flu us woman should not be sarcastic with them and we should try and understand what they are going through and help them through it, comfort them, give them plenty of fluids and soup to eat.
Let them rest on the couch, and just let the man flu take its course.
Yes it can be a week or so before they get rid of it so if us woman are more patient with them and help them through instead of moaning at them then maybe they will get better quicker!
And remember not to waste your money on medication from the chemist as it just will not work!
Just give your man plenty of TLC ( TENDER LOVING CARE) and just let it take its course.



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author avatar mirage
3rd Oct 2010 (#)

Hey u r absolutly rite....
Am a guy hu's a constant victim of
man flu...i get it almost evry
month!!But each time the
causative agents are differnt!!!good one!!

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author avatar Denise O
4th Oct 2010 (#)

Okay, okay I will be nicer
the next time, after the 50th time he calls me to pick up his remote he dropped...
I promise you,
I will save my sarcastic remark for after I left his room and I am out of his ear shot.:)
Nice one, thank you.

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author avatar krrymarie
5th Oct 2010 (#)

haha, Denise make sure you do that cos they do need all the sympathy they can get, and rahmanli make sure you do get the TLC you need when you coe down with it.

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author avatar johnnydod
17th Oct 2010 (#)

Well this is so apt. I am suffering from man flu right now.. good article Kerry

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author avatar krrymarie
17th Oct 2010 (#)

Aww poor Johnny, hope you man flu goes away soon!
thank you

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