Managing Arthritis Problem

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Today's common illnesses are most likely coming from different complications. Like for example to those people who have diabetes are considered one of the most dangerous when it comes to health problem complications. Major human organs are most to be the one affected. Others are from having higher density of bad cholesterol in our human body system which we got it from our everyday unhealthy lifestyle.

Arthritis: Health Problem Complication to Manage

If not prevented earlier this can give different health problem complications; primarily on hypertension and heart disease problems. One common symptom is the soreness and stinging pain of our joints or arthritis. One common reason of this is due to our food intake with high level of uric acid content. The most severe situation during the onset is the swelling of the knees and joints.

Some people affected severely on this could not anymore stand on their own feet; that some time would stay for several days. One of major causes of this nerve and severe joint-pain is we get from eating internal parts of any animals, high protein foods, root crops, excessive intake of saturated fats and also lacks of proper exercises. Actually, once you already have this kind of health problem this will be yours forever.

Somebody who has this chronic pain could only free for short period of time and the it would occasionally back again. It all depends on your level of tolerance by remaining firm not to be tempted to eat foods that could trigger your joint pain or arthritis.

Here are the 7 GOOD foods that ease the joint pain.
• Fatty Fish or any foods with lots of OMEGA-3 fatty acids - decrease the production of inflammatory chemicals & contains Vit.D - prevents soreness and swelling.
• Extra-virgin olive oil - has oleocanthal that blocks enzyme that produces inflammation.
• Vitamin C rich foods like sweet peppers & citrus fruits -protects collagen
• Brazil nuts - contains selenium ( less selenium in body leads to rheumatoid arthritis)
• Onions and Leeks - contain quercetin,an antioxidant that inhibits anti-inflammatory chemicals - had an effect like ibuprofen and aspirin
• Tart cherries - cuts inflammation half due to anthocyanin
• Green tea - has antioxidant compound,epigallocatechin-3-gallate lessen severity of arthritis

Need to avoid these 3 foods
• Shellfish, red meat - builds up PURINE that is converted to uric acid that is trapped in joints
• Sunflower, safflower, corn and soybean oils - high in omega 6 acids that increase inflammation
• Sugar -high in calories, tends to add weight, increase in weight puts more pressure on joints.

Some people are too confident in treating arthritis for the fact that they can afford to buy any medical prescription to ease the pain. They never know that while they keep on using this synthetic medicines prescribed, the pain will be getting used of the dosage and pain resists. Upon consulting the doctor again, the doctor will give you higher dosage that could stop the pain. This means the dosage would higher and higher that would probably have adverse effects on your internal organs that would create another health problem complication.


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Great article and very informative.

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Nicely explained and well written article. Thank you McNathan.

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Thanks for the appreciation Md Rezaul it inspires to write more..thanks also...nice day ahead...

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