Managing Diabetes

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Until now diabetes has no specific cure yet. According to lots of studies and surveys conducted an enormous 7% of world population is affected with this problem. One third of these never know they have affected with diabetes – a serious health problem complications.

Managing Diabetes: Simple and Basic Ways

Most likely obesity links to diabetes and someone affected on this disease must have a regular exercise that plays an important role in reducing high blood sugar back to normal. But before doing some exercises consult first your physician what would be the right exercise suited for diabetic people.

There are different forms of exercises for different form of diabetic people. Obese diabetic person would not be advised by the doctor to jog or to have heavy formed of exercise due to his/her stoutness. Doing this might just cause some body injuries. It would be much better to consult physicians first.

According to some survey’s conducted, diabetic people who always take serious on their physical exercises most likely has a great chance of lowering their high blood sugar faster than who never would but just depending on medicines and awareness on their food intakes.

By lowering fast your high sugar level, medicine maintenance would be lessening to none.Another thing to be considered in lowering high sugar level is healthy diet. All forms of diabetes could be well-managed if you have a right food intake. And the expert of this is your Nutritionist. Remember, that we get our sugar (glucose) from all of our foods eaten.

Believe it or not, sugar (table sugar) could not raise our blood sugar level and it is not forbidden to those people who are not diabetic. It is only strictly forbidden to those people who are already diabetic. What’s usually the reason blood sugar level to rise up from normal level is the excessive intake of calories (Normal level – 90mg to 110mg).

Glucose and calories are taken from our daily food intake – fatty foods, starchy, carbohydrates, white bread and most especially on fast food chain foods.
On this way, diabetic people should already be conscious on their diet. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and complete grain to avoid lots of complications.

There’s one thing to be considered if you are concerned of your high sugar level. Taking prescribed medicines for diabetes is one of the best things to do. But the crucial stage in lowering high sugar level is the exercises and the switching of diet lifestyle – from unhealthy to healthy lifestyle. This needs self discipline, patience and of course determination.

Missing one of these three would be the reason of any (diabetic) person’s failure to achieve its purpose. The purpose is to lower high sugar level. This is the goal of those people who are diabetic and to all who have health problem complications to enjoy life in spite having this kind of disease called diabetes.


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