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A different take on the love that is highlighted during Valentine's Day. An exploration of the meaning of self-love.

A Life Filled With More Gratitude for Ourselves

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we are bombarded with its commercialized hype surrounding the idea that gift-giving and loving praise are time-tested ways to express love to those nearest and dearest, and although not untrue, it seems a shame that in all the celebrations we share with loved ones and collectively, within the community throughout the year, none consciously encourage, in contemplation or practice expressing gratitude or love upon ourselves outside of the grace or pride that we may feel from being charitable or sharing with others.
As I was thinking on this, I felt inspired to speak on the concept of self-love and how by exercising this mindfully we can awaken to a life filled with more gratitude for ourselves and open up to ways in which our reality will shift to mirror this change within.

What is Self-Love

Self-love is a concept that few spend much time with, unless we find ourselves at a life changing crossroads, deadening our pace into retraction of self-reflection.
Loving yourself is not narcissism nor is it selfishness, which are both born based on reflective principles of unbalanced energies.
True self love is a heart-centered connection in understanding that the truest gift of love that we can ever give away begins with our ability to connect with ALL of what it is we have to share. By doing so, we consciously accept the responsibility of taking great care in what we project upon ourselves.

The Importance of Inner Love Cultivation

Our style of living does not readily encourage by example a healthy balance of give and take, as we try to avoid tripping over each other’s needs and wants, while simultaneously, effectively trying to navigate our fast paced society we perhaps feel compelled to covet our energy in response to this sensory overload or risk exhaustion by giving what we don’t have to give.
Cultivating a healthy relationship with self, empowers us to clearly perceive that our receptivity is as important as what we project outwards.
To fully extend our love to others we must be a clear vessel to this receptivity so that this source can be replenished.

Indeed, the quality of our gift is reflective of what is contained within our vessel. And as we begrudgingly give exhausted personal energies to ever increasingly ungrateful people because we extend it ungratefully, we come to see that those who would drink from your offering willingly, often reflect personal traits of a similar pattern. So be the change you wish to see in your world.

Be careful in giving over personal power by externalizing your replenishing source. It is good and healthy to be able to accept another’s offer of love, and share in it, but not to depend on it in order to connect and revitalize the heart chakra.

The Power of Personal Inner Manifestation

Self- love invites us to know the power of personal inner manifestation, through wisdom from within, otherwise our giving may give way to nothing more than a conditioned sense of responsibility.
By untraining your perception that love is just for giving ‘out’ and acting on the intention to manifest self-love, you begin the process of removing blocks to your receptivity. To give yourself some attention you are telling your higher self that you are listening and that you are deserving of your own love. By mindfully practicing this willingness we attune ourselves to the open potential of self-discovery- shedding old behavior, beliefs, other peoples’ projections of us and fears, so to become more powerful co- creators in manifesting a more fulfilling life and decent world.


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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
16th Feb 2015 (#)

Externalizing is poisonous. Self love is so important to a healthy life.

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author avatar Chrystal J
16th Feb 2015 (#)

Yes Eve, thank you for commenting. I believe overt externalizing leads to the perception that what we need is to be found 'out there'. Although participating in the outside world is important, relying on it as your source of happiness can be disempowering and misleading.
Many Blessing

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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
1st Mar 2015 (#)

yes, we cannot depend on others for our happiness. It has to start inside ourselves.

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