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Read about the real carbo-loading plan, after which I set my Persona Best in marathon 2:25:13


A carbohydrate-loading diet, is a strategy to increase the amount of carbs stored in your muscles to improve your athletic performance for endurance events.

My carbohydrate-loading meal plan

As every marathon runner know, one of the most important things before marathon is carbohydrate-loading diet.
Carbohydrate loading is done three to four days before the run. During these days I increase my carbohydrate intake up to 9-11g per kilogram of weight. My weight is 65 kilograms so I need to consume about 600-700 grams of carbohydrates. Below you can find my diet after which I set my personal best in marathon 2h 25min 13sec. It was in 2015 in Warsaw. I give you two days diet before my record marathon.

Two days real diet - Friday

The most important are the two last days before the run. After Friday you will be almost done. Remember to get a lot of rest during the day!

Saturday diet

On saturday, you need to take care about not to overeating but still have plenty of carbohydrates. Especially important is evening meal!

The bottom line

After this carbo loading plan, you will be ready for Sunday marathon. Despite carbohydrate loading, you still need to replenish your energy during the run. I consume sports gels every 12 kilometers. Of course you need test gels before your main event – the basic principle: no experiments during the marathon. If you have any questions gop ahead and contact me

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