Massage Chairs - All You Need To Know

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Section dedicated on helping you decide if you need to buy a massage chair for your home and showing you all benefits of having one.

Massage Chairs - All You Need To Know

If you are involved in the profession of massage therapy, then you perhaps have different therapeutic tools. Besides, common people also buy various massaging systems in order to ease the pain. Massage chairs are one of the common equipments that are bought by people very often. However, the massage tables also are purchased to treat the body pains. So, it is essential to understand whether these special chairs and tables are different from each other in their function.

Position of the user while using the tools
The massage tools in the form of simple chair are portable, while the tables need to be placed only on a particular site. Though some tables are portable, they may not be found easily in many stores. If you are using tables for massaging, the patients should lie down to get the manipulation. But, the chairs enable in patients in having the treatment, while the person is sitting.

Privacy issues
Another positive feature about massage chair is the privacy. It helps you in massaging the body of a person, who is completely dressed. Some people feel uneasy, while removing the attire to have body massage. Thus, with this chair, you do not need to face any issue.
However, one downside in this massage chair is that most of the massaging techniques cannot be applied in the clothed position. Only the pressure and rubbing may be the suitable options, which are offered to you, while using a massage chair. As the clothes are present on your body, all the muscles may not be treated. The massaging processes are usually targeted only at some definite sites.
On the other hand, with the massage tables, the professional may easily deal with the muscles of every part of your body. He may also give long strokes on various spots.

Time for massaging
There are also some differences in terms of massaging time. With the table, your massaging session may be continued for about ninety minutes. However, some sessions are also shorter than it, according to your needs. To have the massage for complete body, sixty minute is, in fact, the minimum period.
Alternatively, the chair massage may be for ten to forty minutes, though the general length of time for this massage is about fifteen to twenty minutes. It enables the massage therapist in addressing the problems effectively in your back portion. Longer massaging period may present you with the more detailed treatment, particularly of hands or arms. The muscles are also stretched with this massage.

Preparations before massage
In case of table massage, some preparations are needed. For instance, you must have a warm room, special oil and sheets. However, massage chair does not require any preparation. Just unfold your chair, while the client comes to have a massage session.
Thus, after realizing the differences of the two massaging tools, you may look for the best massage chairs or tables. Both these options may give your clients the health benefits. According to your needs and conveniences, you may buy the right one.


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