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Different kinds of massages are useful for different people. Old people need a therapeutic massage like a Swedish massage while young people need a stimulating sensuous massage. Regular massage will benefit the person but one should be careful in choosing the masseuse. The body becomes refreshed and revitalized after the massage.

Sensual massage

Massage is an art of manipulating the muscles and nerve tissue underlying the skin to create channels of sensuous excitement by the pretty and skilled therapists. Unlike other massages, this kind concentrates on stimulating the senses and balancing body energy. The therapists use their hands to heighten the sense of feel by activating the erogenous zones of the body. The paths of energy within the body experiences intense excitation through their firm touch.
Revel in the touch and feel of experienced hands as they knead and unfold the secret passageways to your sensual bliss. The first thing to do is to relax the muscles that are tense and knotted. There are a set number of strokes, which the masseuse applies to give relaxation to the muscles. After the muscles are all relaxed, she changes her strokes to create excitation. Satisfaction is the attainment of full pleasure and comes after the senses attain their peak levels of excitement.
A good sensual massage satisfies, cleanses the neuron paths and unties the muscles so that the person is completely refreshed. People will employ more than one masseuse so that the thrill builds up quickly and there is more variety. Getting the sensual massage is invigorating. It is a wholly enjoyable experience since the target is attainment of satisfaction.

Tantric Massage and the practice of Tantra

Tantra healing is an ancient practice. The focus is on rejuvenation by aligning the cosmic forces to amplify the power within the body. The weave of the forces within the body expands and suppressing negativity and building up positive energies within. The sexual feelings are stimulated and the masseuse establishes spiritual harmony with the physical body. The person attains a heaven on earth that lasts for the duration of the massage.
The masseuse channels the cosmic energy into the body and sends them coursing through the chakras. The sensations of rapturous euphoria accompany these massages since she creates vibrant pulsing energy. She then channels this excitement out of the body and establishes stability within. The entire procedure takes place in a slow and orderly fashion to bring out the best sensual experience for the person.
The second and most important aspect is the breathing. The way one breathes identifies the force presently prevalent. Kundalini breath, Trapezoidal breath, Circle breath and Prana sukha are various modes of breathing. The lovely lady will instruct the person on the correct position of the body and manner of breathing during the course of the massage.
The seven chakras present in the body help modulate the hormones and their secretion. These are the keys to emotional stability, mental clarity and good physical health. If your body listens to the tantra message, it will be healthy and you will have happiness.
Having attained a basic knowledge of the breathing technique one gets an insight into the central pathway that exists between the body and the mind. Purification of the senses helps energized the mind. One is refreshed and she brings out all the tightened response of the awareness by gentle teasing motion of her hands. The body responds, breaks all tensions loose, and releases the serpent that lies at the heart of all tension. It begins at the base of the spine and travels through to the base of the skull.
It is a kind of union of wisdom together with compassion, the interplay of the yin and the yang within the body. The expert masseuse lets the body experience the elation and delight in the course of her massage. Her expertise in manipulating your body with her fingers and her intimate knowledge of how to increase the feelings in the person helps her to bring the person to a heightened level of sensual excitation. The person has released the knotty tensions and now experiences joy.
All the assistants know how to use tantra to mould the reawakening of the body and create a harmonious passage for the channelization of the body forces. This focuses on linking the forces and kindling the charkas to work perfectly. The masseuse who does the massage is a tantric expert.

Swedish Massage

Like all massages, this is a nude massage. The person lies covered with a huge wrap but underneath it, he or she will be nude. The therapist or masseuse will fold back portions of the cloth, and apply oils and powders to that portion of the body.
This is the preferred type for most people since it is refreshing, uncomplicated and widely practiced. The masseuses are licensed and have training in this exercise. Her skills lie honed towards giving sensual pleasure and maintaining the therapeutic methods to cure any ailment present in the body.
The Swedish massage begins with the anointment of the body with oils. Then she turns her fingers in specified directions to create a body response to the touch. The person feels the relaxation set in and all tensions drain away from the body. The person is very experienced, and she will provide high levels of happiness with this exercise.

Deep Tissue Massage

Here the women target the knots in the connective tissues, technically known as adhesions, will the target of the masseuse. These tissues lie deep within the body and so the amount of force the pretty assistants exert to sufficiently knead them will be more. In most cases, there will be no pain but sometimes one may experience deep stirring of the senses. All these have ties to tantra and the tantra massage.
The lady assistants have high degree of training and have license for this work. They want to bring the person to a heightened awareness through their manipulations. The physiology behind this is simple. The deep tissue retains lactic acid produced due to excess stress or work. This results in pain deep within and through the massage the masseuse will try to get the lactic acid out of the tissues.
This massage will last longer and is more enjoyable since it will take more than the normal one-hour to find and release al the knotted tissue. It is similar to the Swedish massage in many ways since the pretty and masseuse will employ many strokes for manipulation of the tissues that are similar to those used in the Swedish massage. Once one works on improving the posture and movement one will have the lasting benefits of the deep tissue massage. This is useful for the older generation who do not take proper care of their health.

Massage Health Benefits

Massage reunites the various tissues and gets them all working in a more orchestrated manner. The masseuse will apply various types of forces stationary or moving, static or vibrating and target a small region of the body at a time. Tissues include muscle, ligaments, tendons, skin and joints besides organs of the digestive system and the lymphatic glands.
Being an ancient art over time woman has perfected this exercise to give pleasure to the man while imparting the therapeutic advantage as well.
Massage help primarily to alleviate tensions and pains in the various tissues of the body. Use of oils and technique help to identify and cure problem spots in the tissues. The skill of the masseuse lies in the way she entices the sensual perception of the person, finds the correct way to treat the pains, and knots.
Regular massage will ensure good relief physically. The mind is free because the body is in good physical condition. This kind of body maintenance ensures a disease free life. In addition, the person will have good sensual pleasure and ecstasy. Keep the body in condition and help the metabolism with the regular dose of massages.

Tie and tease Massages

This tie and tease massages are done by specialists only. They like to see how long the person is able to withstand the sensations that they cause using feathers or thongs. The person lies tied up while the massage proceeds. The one having the massage will be unable to have any free movement, his heightens the senses, and soon they will begin to ask to be untied.
The masseuses have their pleasure too in this massage and that is why they are the specialists. There are plenty of variations too. Some use only feathers while others would use sharper tools to incite feelings of pain or excitement. These personal preferences find use according to the need of the person only. Only the experts understand the needs perfectly.
The masseuse will dominate the person and create him or her to feel the excruciating ignominy of being subject to her. The massage will see the usual application of the oil and the nude interactions heighten the feelings of sensual arousal. If the person has some particular fetish such as leather or shoes, then they must inform of their preference before the start of the massage. This delightful way to experience pleasure for the people who like it that way is a favorite for some select groups.

4 handed massage

The four handed lomi lomi nui is a therapeutic and sensual in nature. To perform the four handed massage London experts have studied the traditional Polynesian cultural methods and adapted the method to the lifestyle of the modern city dweller. The person is clothed in comfortable light clothing and made to lie down on a sheet on the ground. The masseuse will conduct this exercise with precise movements of the hands using the prescribed amount of pressure only. Special importance to the breathing technique ensures the enhanced value of the massage. This type has no links to tantra though the underlying principle is the same.
Two Lomi masseuses will work simultaneously on the person. They will use flowing Lomi techniques to implement the massage. The method revolves around coordination, rhythm and synergy. The four handed massage helps rejuvenate the nervous system of the person. The massage stimulates and removes tension, anxiety and corrects sleep disorders through its inbuilt therapeutic technique. The circulation is increased and the life style of the person now attains elevated levels. The experience is entirely relaxing and gives lot of pleasure. The person will attain a refreshed state of existence after the massage. Regular therapy using this massage technique is useful to keep the body healthy and the person cheerful. One can indulge in these experiences on a regular basis if one knows where the spas are located.

Nuru Massage

This exotic massage envisages the masseuse using her body to glide and rub against that of the person getting the massage. After the person has been undressed and has lain down properly, the masseuse applies oil to the bodies of both the masseuse and the person. The massage then proceeds in the sensual manner and in between the masseuse will use her body to create heighten effect of happiness for the person.
The nuru massage finds favor among a select few. The masseuse employs a special gel made from seaweed that is colorless and slippery. The accent is on modesty at all times and the masseuse will reapply the oil to maintain the slippery effect between the bodies. For this reason, people refer to it as the slippery body massage. Some people are reluctant to undress completely. However, one will get used to it when one sees the others present there. It helps to completely refresh the body and mind.
Professionally qualified well-trained girls give this slippery massage. One must fix an appointment with us then one may obtain this kind of service. Body to body contact improves the sensual pleasure and ensures full satisfaction for the person. Enjoy the full exotic sensation and relive your passions by having one of these massages.

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