Maternal Death: A Woman's Sacrifice

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It is best to ask your doctor about the ways to promote a safe pregnancy in which it is to fulfill the real essence of a woman’s life.

Maternal Death: A Woman's Sacrifice

It is said that the essence of being a woman is by giving and raising a child of her own. Indeed true, not only about the months that she was able to nurture on her womb for 9-month period but most difficult is giving labor. Motherhood is a positive and fulfilling experience as they day but it bring with a lot of suffering, sickness and even death.

Maternal death is a death of a woman during or after a pregnancy. It is commonly seen on developing countries. World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 1500 women died everyday due to maternal complications. Proper health method and treatment should be giving to pregnant women because this mortality is preventable.

Major causes of maternal death are bacterial infections, gestational hypertension, hemorrhage, ectopic pregnancy, eclampsia, unsanitary labor, unsafe abortion and other incidents. Other causes may be due to faulty management and accidents with 3 days period after pregnancy.

It is believe that women should have gone maternal care- a concept about family planning, preconception, and pre and post natal care. Proper health care should be needed in this one to help in the health condition of the mother. Nutrition is also advised and recommended. Eating foods that are rich in fiber, iron, vitamins a and c, folic acids are needed. Milk and fruits is a good source also of vitamins like calcium. High rates of maternal death occur in countries with poor nutrition and medical care. Women may take multivitamins and food supplement regularly for three month before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnant women are avoided to smoke and drink alcohol. It is because they are causing their babies at risk of weight and poor development. Not only that it affects problem with the health of the baby, it also affect the pregnant women for it will affect the circulation of the blood and the respiratory. There’s an increasing medical evidence to show that proper exercise help during pregnancy. Being good in your overall health will improve of having a comfortable pregnancy.

Pregnant women which is diabetic and with high- cholesterol, it is advisable to lessen starchy foods. Regular check-up with your doctors for proper medications is needed. People with this kind of condition should have taking caution during pregnancy. Pregnant women are not advisable to take any medications unless it is recommended. It is because some medications can be risky in your pregnant women and cause deformity, epileptic seizure and even brain damage.

It is best to ask your doctor about the ways to promote a safe pregnancy in which it is to fulfill the real essence of a woman’s life.


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