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When you go into maun, you conserve all your energies that proves very beneficial- every which way

Observe "Maun" and get rich

A good listener always has an edge over others who either speak or attempt to be speaking. You learn and earn when you listen!
Have you ever wondered how much words you spoke in a day? Have you ever pondered to think that you were only quiet when you were alone….

A wise old owl lived in a oak,

The more he saw the less he spoke

The less he spoke the more he heard

Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

I still remember this nursery rhyme when I was in Class 1. I had learnt it by heart then. Today, I can stop smiling! How true!

We talk about 5000 words in a day minimum. And out of what I spoke in a day – I wonder how much of it served any purpose or did it make much sense to the listener?

We talk in the morning, we talk in the afternoon, evening we talk in the night, we talk with a stranger in the flight or in a train, bus or a Taxi, we talk over the phone, we talk even when we are alone, we are tempted to talk even when attending a seminar, yoga class or a college class, we talk to the guy on the treadmill, we talk whilst cooking and also when we eat, we talk even when we pray and also talk even in sleep. Imagine! The amount of energy spent on all this talking. Tell me – how much of all this talk actually makes any sense or meet any purpose?

There is a strong urge in all of us to talk out everything that we feel, everything that we do, everything that we think, every opinion that we have, everything that we agree to – or disagree upon, regardless of whether anybody is interested in our talk. Its like letting the world a key to wealth of knowledge that we think we proudly possess or the world must know about.

Embarrassingly, most of what we talk is actually unnecessary and of not much importance to anyone. Talking is a second nature of all human race. Talking probably makes one feel powerful, strong, knowledgeable and also a captain. Talking, others argued is helpful to many to escape inner restlessness.

Is talking so important in life? There is no simple answer.. Yet silence seems scary in the beginning. For many of us, if we remain silent we feel lost, out of place. If a person remains silent for a long period of time, we readily jump to conclusions that either he is an introvert or he has an inferiority complex, or he is depressed, disturbed, or he is not good enough for today’s ever changing modern world.

But according to my theory – A good listener will always have an edge over anything else. A temporal listener will not only listen to words , but he will also listen and understand the emotions behind these words. Whether it is teaching, learning, building relationships, or selling – a good listener will always have an edge over others. Ask any successful businessman, sportsman, educationist, artist? In unison they will agree that to be a good listener is also an art to be perfected.

You always feel closer to a person who listens to you completely. There is a special bonding once you agree to agree to be a good listener. The Voice of love therefore says, “In prayer, we speak to God but in silence , God speaks to us.” Try this- Once in a fortnight fix a day for complete silence day. You will feel fit and strong to fight to survive for another couple of weeks. I have tried it. It has worked wonders ………..Hindus practise “Maun”. But you practise just the way you think is right! Yes!


Silence, Trust

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author avatar Mahesh Golani
I am a good conversationalist. Travel a lot all over the country and the world. Like to share what i have gained from life. Sometimes I also love to listen and read. LOL

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author avatar PHYLLIS LOGIE
5th Mar 2011 (#)

Interesting and informative. I have never heard of this before so this piece has just added to my knowledge base. Thank you for sharing Phyllis

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author avatar LOVERME
5th Mar 2011 (#)

Let’s Share.
All that I love is to share,
What ever I can,
With whomsoever
Come and partake the elixir of life,
There is nothing to pay,
Except gratitude,
You will receive
That too from me,
For having spent your invaluable time,
In reading and commenting
Thus giving vent to my ego cancer,
As all earnings from here,
If any,
Shall go to the Cancer Society,
So you will also be helping
The very needy and sickly

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author avatar Mahesh Golani
7th Mar 2011 (#)

The comments are very encouraging

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