May 31st's Inspirational Thought: Speaking out Loud and Clear

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You are asked to give a speech, Ouch that is something you are not ready for, or are you? The truth is that anyone can give a speech and here are a few simple tips to help you. As you practice more you will become more competent and confident.

Not Just the "Gift of the Gab"

May 29th's thought of the day talked about the need to communicate more effectively.

Life if not just about saying a lot, but about making sure that what you say counts in every situation where you need to communicate verbally. This is not just about public speaking, being that key-note speaker, or saying something at your son/daughter/nephew/niece's wedding. We communicate verbally with everything we do.

So when someone turns around and says "Hi tell me about yourself" you have to be able to say more than "Um", "Er" or "Ah". This takes effort and practice. Apart from politicians and union leaders think about the best speakers you know and the chances are they have practiced how to do it. Quite possibly they have attended Toastmasters at some point in their life.

Preparing to Speak

Your boss asks you to make a presentation at next month's team meeting. The first thing you have to remember is not to panic - they have picked you for a reason, and normally it is because they see you as a person that know the subject at hand. Quite possibly they can see you as someone who has the capability to inspire others. They may be wishing to develop your skills and talents in a direction that you will have never considered.

In order to prepare your speech you will have to gather your material, and make an outline of how you think it may go. There may be a number of approaches that it is possible to take including:

  • Chronological
  • Cause & Effect
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Topical
  • Problem and Solution

The truth is that until you start pulling your material together it is not always easy to know the best approach to take in telling the story, but ultimately you have to remember that a story has to be told and it will have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

If you are making a 5 minute presentation about a topic that gives you 1 minute for the opening; 1 minute to wrap it up and 3 minutes for the main body of the speech. That is not a lot of time. This give you an opportunity to cover three main topics at one minute a piece. There is a plan!

The Opening Statement

In opening a speech it is certainly best to start with something that is going to catch the audience's attention. Think of the lawyer in court they use the opening statement to summarise their case. It sets the tone for everything that follows.

What will be remembered by the audience? Here are some ideas:

  • A question
  • A challenging statement
  • A quotation
  • Displaying a picture or an object

The opening should be positive, powerful, and brief.

The Main Body

This is where you have an opportunity to use your prepared material in order to tell your story.

This consists of the facts and ideas that you wish to present to the audience. The truth is that most listeners tend to fade in and out when listening to anything said so it is important to keep the number of main points to three or four, that way you keep them listening and attentive. There may be many things that need to be said about the topic at hand, but if you present three solid arguments on three points then the chances are that you will focus their attention where it matters.

Keep your story focused on those important areas you need the audience to understand the most.

If you need supporting material then use it, but remember this that sometimes statistics, facts and examples and facts can distract from the point at hand. It is often best to include these in an associated report that can be handed out after the presentation.

The Conclusion!

This is your final opportunity to convey your message. You need the conclusion to reinforce the most important aspects of what you have just said. You can leave a lasting impression with those that are listening to you. This is where the story ends and can often represent a call to action.

Toastmasters recommend that you finish forcefully and confidently. As with the opening you gave them something to think about, now you are leaving them with a closing thought to take home.

Other Inspirational Thoughts.

Each thought that is collected into this series provides an alternative way to think about your life. They are small steps that anyone can take to adjust, adapt and grow personally in some small way. Every one should be seen as applicable to your personal situation at some point. Each represents an idea or perhaps food for thought.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
31st May 2012 (#)

I often speak out loud and am misunderstood, very frustrating, I think it is from coming from the eastern USA and living in western Canada...

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
31st May 2012 (#)

I am sure it is the same problem as an Englishman being understood in Wales; complexities eh?

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
31st May 2012 (#)

Nice tips and well written script. Thank you for sharing Peter.

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