Medical significance Of The Resultant Readings Of The Blood Pressure Cuffs

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For readings above the cut-off point repeatedly on different days, the patient must see a doctor for advice. They are not permitted to diagnose hypertension or treat themselves, but can only recognize abnormal level and seek medical help.

Benefits Of Self Measurement Of BP

Through such early detection, potential long terms complications (in absence of such discovery) are averted. For those already diagnosed as hypertensives, self measurement enables the achieve a good control and have better understanding of the effectiveness or otherwise of the therapeutic measure in place.

And should they ever be tempted to try alternative methods (outside a doctor’s advice), they can effectively monitor the quality of results they are getting. Let it be emphasized that many people in fruitless search wrongly receive false reassurances of “cure” and they abandoned their treatment. Unknown to them, the blood pressure builds up a very dangerous level and they end up with complication. This can be avoided through self measurement.

Benefits Of Self Measurement Of BP
1. It allows the patient see if their high blood pressure is truly elevated or just “white-coat hypertension”.
2. The patient will have a better understanding of their condition which is great.
3. The patient can easily tell if their medications are working or not.
4. The patient might be inspired to practice lifestyle changes if they can see the concrete effect if has on lowering their blood pressure.
5. It helps to have the patient partner with the doctor.
6. People who check their own blood pressure tend to be more conscious of the importance of taking their medications in a regular basis. They tend to notice the foods or behaviours that raise their blood pressure and adjust their lifestyle to avoid them.
Patients who get involved in managing their own hypertension have better results and better outcomes. However, their readings from their blood pressure monitor are no substitute for regular visits to the doctor. Instead they are just supplementary to aid in his efforts. Let a doctor confirm that you are using it correctly and give you assurances that you are on the right track irrespective of your diagnosis.

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