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According to Gynaecologists any medication even if it is safe or have minimal risk , should be discussed with your physician prior to taking . Most medications fall into the "unknown category" which means that there is no documentation of its safety during pregnancy...

Preparing for Pregnancy..

While I was reading a medical journal I came across an extensive article about the use of drugs during pregnancy and a few cardinal rules for drugs to be taken during pregnancy..

According to this article, Right upto World war 2 , most obstricians were of the opinion that if you looked after the mother the baby in the womb would look after itself. This complacency was jolted in the forties when subsequent experiments proved that a foetus is extremely vulnerable to commonly and sometimes carelessly precribed medicines during pregnancy as well as to many noxious influences like smoking, drinking alcohol and drug abuse by the mother.

A pregnancy lasting nine months is divided into 3 trimesters of three months each. During the First trimester certain drugs may produce congenital malfunction, the period of the greatest risk being from the third to eleventh weeks of pregnancy.Care should be taken during that period .

During the second and third trimesters certain drugs may affect the growth and the functional development of the foetus. No drug is safe beyond all doubt in early pregnancy. So it is essential that every pregnant mother should have a basic knowledge about the drugs trhat can be harmful to herself or to her baby. It is also essntial that medication should be taken only after consulting a Gynmaecologist.

A list of drugs to be avoided during pregnancy

According to most medical practitioners and gynaecologists these are some of the drugs that need to be avoided during pregnancy

1, Proven Teratogens - Causing deformity in foetus.

Thalidomite - causes limb defects, deafness, congenital heart diseases etc;
Anti tumor drugs can lead to abortion and skeletal defects in the foetus.They are to be avoided at all cost unless it is absolutely essential for the pregnant woman, supervised by physicians.

2, Analgesics

Aspirins and Analgesic powders are known to cause Anaemia , post- partum haemorrhage, prolonged gestation etc;

3, Anticoagulants such as Warfarn and Heparin can cause foetal mortality.

4, Anti microbials like tetracyclinews, Aminoglycosides and Sulphonamides cause nerve deafness and reversible effect on skeletal growth in prematures. This is another drug that should be taken strictly under medical supervision.

5, Antimalarial drugs like Qunine ,Pentaquin or Chloroquine is known to have caused abortion or congenital deafness in many cases...

6, Antithyroid drugs like Iodides , Radioactive iodine, Thiouracils may cause foetal goitre or destoy foetal thyroid...

7, Cardiac preparations like Pro pranolol can cause Intrauterine growth retardation in the foetus.

8, Streroids like Betnelan, Betnesol, Wysalone, Cortisone, Androgen etc; can cause Masculization in female foetus and other mal functions. They can also harm the pregnant woman . There have been cases where these drugs have adversely affected the heart condition and blood pressure of the preganant woman.

9, Vaccines like Rubella, Measles and Yellow fever contain live virus which crosses Placenta.. These vaccines are to be completely avoided during pregnancy.

A few Cardinal rules drawn up by the medical fraternity regarding drugs taken during pregnancy

1, Drugs should be taken when prescribed during pregnancy only if the expected benefit to the mother is thought to be greater than the risk to the foetus.

2, " A pill for every ill " is an unsafe policy , and is to be avoided despite all temptations to provide instant relief. It is never a wise idea to take any drugs without consulting the doctor.

3, During the first trimester all drugs should be avoided as far as possible .

4, Medicines which have been extensively used in pregnancy and are known to be safe should only be prescribed by the doctor and taken by the pregnant woman.

5, When taking certain medication becomes necessary for a pregnant woman ,it is better to take the smallest effective dose of the medicine/drug prescribed .
6, In case of any side effects the doctor should be immediately consulted instead of waiting .

According to Gynaecologists any medication even if it is safe or have minimal risk , should be discussed with your physician prior to taking . Most medications fall into the "unknown category" which means that there is no documentation of its safety during pregnancy, so it is best to consult a physician or a gynaecologist and make sure that there is no adverse effect ..


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