Medications which cause hypertension part II

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In part I, I listed and described over the counter medications and other non-medicinal pharmacological formulations which can cause hypertension Now I will list prescription only medications.


These medical articles are intended to generate information for laymen as well as aspiring professionals. Effort is placed into assuring the information is accurate and up to date at the time of writing. Although all the information written here is presumed to be correct at the time of writing, it should not come in place of professional medical advice and attention. In addition, medicine is a science in a developing world and what has been considered true for the past century may not be true in the immediate future.

Medications not to be discussed and what will be discussed

It should be noted that this is a continuation article of a previous article on medications which cause hypertension. Although there are certain medication which are used for improving blood pressure in the presence of shock, these are beyond the scope of this article as these would not, in the ordinary course of events be a reason for hypertension. I will elaborate here rather, on medications that are used for other conditions but have the potential of causing hypertension as a side effect.

Endocrinologic medications

As a rule of thumb, all endocrinologic (hormonal) medications have the potential of inducing or exacerbating hypertension. Thus, corticosteroids, thyroid hormone replacements, and injections of erythropoietin analogues all have the potential of causing or contributing to hypertension. Another important class of endocrinologic medications often overlooked are the the various estrogen and progesteron formulations. Thus, oral contraceptives and hormonal replacement therapy are also potential contributors to hypertension in the women who take them.

Biological medication and DMARDS

Practically all medications used as modulators of the immune system are also potential inducers of hypertension. Although corticosteroids were mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are many other immune modulators in use. These include anti-folate medications such as methotrexate and trimethoprim. These include also various biological medications such anti thymocyte globulin (ATG) and Rituximab (Mab-Thera, Rituxan). All these have side-effects which include hypertension. Even certain antimicrobials (antibiotics) with immune modulating properties have the potential of increasing blood pressure.

These will not cause hypertension in everyone

It should be noted that with all these medications, hypertension is a potential side effect and will probably only manifest in a small percentage of people taking these medications. Nonetheless, blood pressure should probably monitored at the start of treatment and at intervals throughout a prolonged treatment course.

Cost effectiveness to be considered

Many of these medications are only administered for short periods of time. In such a case, the increase in blood pressure is rarely taken into account. Even when administered for longer periods of time, the increase in blood pressure is a consideration that is considered relatively minor. It is possible to improve blood pressure with a variety of methods and medications and the medications mentioned are often important enough that they warrant continued use despite the hypertension they might induce. Nonetheless, oral contraceptives might be considered in certain cases to be a medication which is not justified if it happens to cause excessive hypertension. Thus, every instance should be carefully considered for the cost and benefits to be derived from using any particular medication.

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Oh boy! Here is the long awaited sequel to part I!!!

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Mind is the cause of bondage as also of freedom. The lower mind causes bondage, the higher mind causes freedom; therefore the lower mind should be controlled by the higher mind. That is the meaning of mind control.

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19th Dec 2013 (#)

Contraceptives do that?

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19th Dec 2013 (#)

Wow! Thanks for letting me know. I have a friend on the pill who has hypertension

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