Meditate your way to good health.

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A one step up to try to remain in focus and keep in touch with your inner self.Just connect.

Take a break for yourself-meditate.

Every day life is full of hassles. Right from the time, one gets up from a good night's sleep to getting off to bed at night. However, refreshed one is from sleep the daily grind does grind one down. A few minutes break is necessary for each one to get back to ourselves and achieve focus, the break or pause through MEDITATION.

Be still for a while-try to meditate.

There are different ways to meditate. Initially start with sitting down in a quiet place comfortably for a few minutes. Maybe that sitting still could get to you in the beginning, just as it is impossible for kids to do so, ask your kids to be still without doing anything for a moment. It is well nigh impossible! Same way we feel when we start on this new initiative. However, one needs to focus really and in the right way to achieve the desired results.

The simple meditation process.

First find a quiet place sit down in a way that you find most comfortable close your eyes and bring your thoughts to yourself make it a slow process. Do this starting with a minute, again initially since, you are not used to it and it is something of a very new experience in your life. So try for a few seconds. Then as you get the feeling for it begin for a minute then go ahead and increase the session minute by minute.
Either you keep counting in your mind or better still set the alarm to the time period of your session...As you close your eyes try to steady your breathe. Try to concentrate. The breathing may be slow, fast, even or paused. Assess feel think it. Of course full concentration on this may not be achieved as thoughts will be fluttering through the mind, let them come and go. Return thoughts to breathing.
In the meantime, you may feel that certain areas in your body will be tensed after a certain relaxed sensation try to go each area one by one at a time, try to reach to that trouble spot through your inner being, and slowly try to ease that spot. Do not pressurize but try to coax it to normalcy. There will be resistance at first as the area is used to be as it is without you being aware of it, but as you increase your daily meditation session time slowly all the stress dissolves to nothingness,.

Meditation the best relaxation technique.

For a much better perspective and result try to think of you yourself your mind body as when you felt good nice wholesome feeling try to bring it back to your mind and picture yourself as that person. Affirm it to yourself whenever you remember it during the meditation period. It may happen within a few sessions or a little longer but you will regain your old self-find yourself returning to normalcy.
Now all things impossible to do you can do with ease and without strain. Meditation is the best relaxation technique. There are different ways to go about it. Nevertheless, starting slowly will surely help you get the desired result. As you feel that focusing on yourself is the best thing that is happening to you newer channels of joy open up unto you.

The rhythm.

Meditation helps to achieve inner connection and peacefulness and serenity in our life.
Have you tried meditation?What was your experience.
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14th Jun 2012 (#)

Thanks for publishing my page.

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28th Sep 2012 (#)

Good share, Shaheda. But I feel, we need to consciously slow down and not get caught up in a frenzy with modern lifestyles - siva

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